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Heroes of the Storm: Fenix Talent Build Guide


Fenix is a long-range assassin who can alter the range and performance of his weapon system in battle. This allows him to successfully complete a variety of missions related to damage and adapt to different battlefield situations. Shield Capacitor allows him to trade damage smoothly, but he must retreat from combat to regenerate his shield.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Fenix



  • Good AoE
  • Great waves from a safe distance
  • Can effectively capture the Mercenary Camps solo
  • Strong self-maintenance thanks to the Capacitor
  • Can be repositioned with Warp as needed


  • Large hitbox; easy to hit with skill shots
  • Must retreat to maintain itself with Capacitor
  • Exit the channel request and may be interrupted
  • Support cannot heal Capacitor
  • Lack of stiff crowd control

Talent Build of Fenix

Basic Attack Build

The Basic Attack build is the only recommended one for Fenix. Most of his damage comes from Repeating Cannon and Bomber. Therefore, it is better to choose talents that increase the amount of damage from Basic Strike, such as Arsenal Synergy or Mobile Offense.

This system stacks up a number of Talents to increase base Attack damage. Divert Power: Regular weapons should be activated to increase damage when it is clear that the enemy team is in a fight. This will allow you to trade optimally until your shield is no longer available, and benefit from the bonus damage for as long as possible.

The Photonic Weaponry is a safe option that almost always deals extra damage, but the Offensive Cadence can be very strong against Tanks and Bruiser if they can’t retaliate.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

His AoE damage effect can be amplified by bringing enemy Heroes closer together or by keeping them close together. This makes him powerful with Heroes who can pull enemies together. Fenix also does well with Heroes that can easily slow down entire enemy teams, allowing Purification Salvo to deal maximum damage in fights. Thrall with Earthquake or Diablo with Lightning Breath are good settings for Purification Salvo.

Countered by:

He relies on the Shield Capacitor for effective damage. Varian has a Shattering Throw that clears shields, making it difficult for him to do damage safely. He can also be counterattacked by Heroes who can follow him when he uses Warp to escape, especially if those Heroes can return safely after diving him, like Zeratul or Genji. Fenix is also very often punished for crowd control.

Tanks with multiple stun and kills pose a threat; you have to play safely against E.T.C .. Khiio is also a problem, as he can use the Sound Barrier against Purification Salvo, and his Soundwave will usually cancel your Warp.

Maps of Fenix

He is best on maps where the main goal is related to a large number of units. This is due to his sustained AoE damage, which will help protect against such targets. He is also a relatively strong solo laner. With its strong wave resistance, PvE damage, and the ability to take solo lanes, Fenix can be effective on all maps.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the Plasma Cutter freely and always try to track it with Basic attacks.
  • Stuttering moves to keep enemies near your maximum range.
  • Use the Shield Capacitor to trade damage with enemy Heroes. Your shields will regenerate, but their health won’t.
  • Use Weapon Mode: Repeating Cannon: Artillery repeats on isolated targets like Mercenaries, Boss Forts, or enemies that have lost their position.
  • Save Warp The Warp icon to exit or reposition as needed.
  • Cast Purification Salvo Icon Purification Salvo when an enemy is slowed with Plasma Cutter for maximum damage.