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Heroes of the Storm: Gall Talent Build Guide


Gall is the assassin half of a two-player entity known as Cho’gall. The player in his charge is responsible for using the entity’s strongest Skills, while the second player, controlling Cho, acts as the “controller” controlling the simpler Skills, positioning Physics and Cho’s basic attacks. His strongest strengths are extensive damage and outstanding resilience, due to being attached to Cho’s extremely tough body. If Cho is killed, he will die along with him, instantly giving the opponent two kills experience points.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Gall



  • Good waveclear
  • Humongous Health pool
  • Outstanding duelist
  • Permanent attachment to Cho, a Tank, for easy coordination
  • Strongest late game in Heroes of the Storm
  • Good exit with shove icon
  • Provides a vision for his team with Eye of Kilrogg


  • Weak early game
  • Requires a dedicated Healer
  • Vulnerable to percent damage
  • Easily countered during drafts
  • Death deserves a double punishment, as they meant losing two Heroes
  • Only allows a team of 4 Heroes, reducing its presence on the entire map
  • Very reliant on Hero Abilities to have a significant impact on teamfights

Talent Build of Gall

Dread Orb Build

Taskmaster (lv1) – Keep Moving!, Rising Dread (lv4), Ogre Rampage (lv7), Twisting Nether (lv10), Twilight Nova (lv13), Leaden Orb (lv16), Twilight Frenzy (lv20)

The construction of the Dread Orb revolved around significantly improving the Gall’s Dread Orb’s potency, turning it into a powerful PvE Directional Ability and a general breaking tool. The main talents include Twilight Nova and Leaden Orb.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Cho’gall’s nature makes him thrive when teaming up with a powerful healer, especially those with great goal recovery abilities, like Alexstrasza’s Life-Binder, Brightwing’s Phase Shift, or the continuous Healing of Ana. Furthermore, a good tank or tank champion to accompany Cho’ Gall in the front line is a great addition to the composition.

Countered by:

Cho’gall’s nature makes him particularly susceptible to most forms of crowd control and percentage-based damage sources. Fortunately, Cho’ Gall has a plethora of Talent options and moves that allow him to adapt to many less-than-ideal situations. However, Anub’arak’s Cocoon was able to turn the fight into 5v3 and was a major threat to Cho’gall.

Maps of Gall

Since Cho’ Gall is completely dependent on Talents late in the game, he excels on maps most of the time will reach Level 16 and 20. He’s extremely weak on snowball maps, like Battlefield of Eternity and Warhead Junction.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shadowflame is his highest source of damage. Use it whenever it runs out of Cooldown, and take advantage of it to deal immediate damage.
  • The Dread Orb has an extremely long-range; using it against nearby Buildings whenever there is no target is better than an effective way to maximize its potential.
  • Runic Blast requires smooth coordination with your Cho partner; Ask them to let you know whenever they use a Rune Bomb or pay attention to “Bomb’s out!” Cho shouted.
  • Twisted Nether works especially well with Cho’s Upheaval; try and use them together. Use the Skill’s movement speed reduction effect to keep enemies within attack range.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley can be difficult to aim, especially if Cho isn’t prepared for it; let them know in advance!
  • Stroke is extremely useful for avoiding dangerous skills and Skill’s influence area.
  • Be aware when activating Goblin’s Fury in a fight, as it gives Cho 25% less resistance.