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Heroes of the Storm: Genji Talent Build Guide


Genji is a very maneuverable long-range assassin whose equipment also includes explosive melee elements allowing him to quickly dive in and out of combat. Although his innate blood count is quite low, making him susceptible to an enemy’s ability to control crowds, he has several escape mechanisms that allow him to escape dangerous situations. dangerous. If you’re looking for a challenging high-risk-reward Hero with a complicated cooldown reset mechanism, he is the right choice for you.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Genji



  • Extremely mobile
  • Flashy playstyle
  • Decent poke
  • The cooldown has been reset on Swift Strike to create devastating combos


  • Weak waveclear
  • Very high learning curve
  • Low health pool
  • Needs constant healing

Talent Build of Genji

Shuriken Build

The Shuriken Build is a very safe Build that incorporates a powerful prank thanks to Shuriken Mastery at Level 4, while X-Strike also allows Genji to narrow the distance and attack enemies from melee range. Some of the talents related to Deflect like Perfect Defense and, more importantly, Zanshin, allow aggressive gameplay to finish the target in melee combat. If you can’t clear Zanshin early or, if you prefer to reduce the cooldown on your Hero Abilities, then Live Weapons are also a great option.

Swift Strike Build

Swift Strike Build is a high skill limit Build that focuses on him cutting and dashing his path through the opposing team, aiming to get as many cooldowns and payback Mana charges on Swift Strike the better. Timing is crucial when playing this Build, as Genji needs to make sure to quickly execute a single goal in order to get his mix. Activating Dragonblade immediately after using Swift Strike usually allows him to deal massive amounts of damage.

However, keep in mind that he is still very prone to being stunned and the opponent’s Roots, as they can completely stop his momentum. Hence, wait until some of those crowd control abilities are used before recklessly diving deep into the enemy’s front lines.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

He pairs extremely well with crowd control assassins, such as Jaina or Kael’tas, who can help him take down each target very quickly to adjust the cooldown on. Swift Strike. He also pairs well with Explosive Healers like Uther, who has the ability to increase his Armor and Shield of God that can greatly enhance his survivability.

Countered by:

Due to his very low health, Genji struggles against Heroes whose strong crowd control ability leaves him defenseless for a short period of time. So abilities like Varian’s Taunt Icon Taunt or Malfurion’s Twilight Dream Icon Twilight could cause big problems for him.

What’s more, the nimble ranged assassins with great destructive power like Lunara can make him pretend too much just to be outnumbered by the opposing team. Keep in mind that any form of poison damage continues after his Deflect Symbol expires, which is another reason why Lunara is the dangerous enemy he has to face.

Maps of Genji


Genji excels on maps such as Cursed Hollow, Hanamura, or Garden of Terror, on which he can use his superior maneuverability to quickly engage and flee using insurmountable terrain, Such as Wall or Stone, in my favor. Doing so allows him to surprise the opponent’s backline from an unexpected angle.

On smaller maps like Battlefield of Eternity or Tomb of the Spider Queen, which require good waves, his selections are quite limited and make him the non-optimal choice. However, with Braxis Holdout, he can use his superior dynamics to gank solo lanes. Furthermore, his Deflect ability can be used against the Boss on Braxis Holdout, who has a Rapid Attack Speed ‚Äč‚Äčthat causes Deflect to deal heavy damage to it.