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Heroes of the Storm: Hanzo Talent Build Guide


Hanzo is a Long Range Assassin who must shoot skills from precise angles to effectively deal damage. He excels in areas with a variety of topographic features, where his Abilities are most effective. All of his Skills provide special vision utility and allow him to track enemies’ movements outside the fog of war. One of his main strengths is being one of the few long-range assassins able to initiate a fight, through the Dragon’s Arrow Symbol of the Dragon’s Arrow.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hanzo



  • Can poke slots from very long distances
  • Strong basic attacks
  • Has good resistance to prolonged damage or explosive damage
  • There is a reliable way out
  • His Hero Abilities is a good tracking and engagement tool
  • Minion waves can be quickly cleared from a safe distance (after Level 4)


  • Slightly locked into the building paths after choosing Talent Level 1
  • The limited usefulness of basic skills without talent
  • Not self-sustaining
  • Hard play
  • Very secret
  • Depends on photo skills

Talent Build of Hanzo

Storm Bow Build

Storm Bow Build has excellent texture damage, good waveclear, and a very long range. This build-up requires precise and successful Storm Bow hits to be effective. It will be more difficult to use on highly mobile Heroes, as they have the ability to avoid skill shots. This build was never used against Abathur; The slug can easily prevent you from completing the Target Practice Icon Target Practice.

Explosive Arrows enhance your waves and give you a stronger presence on the lanes; You can easily hit enemies with explosions if they are located near their Minions. Grab The Dragon Hungers The Dragon Hungers icon at Level 7 to increase your ability damage whenever Storm Bow attacks. One of the limitations of Ninja Assassin Icon Ninja Assassin in other builds is Natural Agility that can remove you from their effective range. However, Ninja Assassin works very well with the long-range prying ability provided by Target Practice.

Scatter Arrow Build

Scatter Arrow The Scatter Arrow Build icon focuses on Talents that improve the Scatter Arrow, making it your primary Competency. Out of the 3 builds, this one is the most difficult to use, and an inexperienced Hanzo will deal damage to the Hero the least consistent with it. However, this build can work well if you really want a Scatter Arrow-focused gameplay. This build works best on maps with narrow corridors, where the Scatter Arrow ricochet is more likely to hit enemies.

Take Level 1 Simple Geometry to improve the Scatter Arrow after you complete the quest. The serrated arrows are only good at Battlefield of Eternity or Hanamura Temple. Explosive arrows have better waves than Serrated arrows; Pick it up at Level 4, if you’re not on either of the maps mentioned.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Both his Heroics are excellent sequels and can prove destructive power to enemies captured by established Heroes like Zeratul’s Void Prison or E.T.C.’s Mosh Pit. However, Dragon’s Arrow can also be used as a fighting tool, having great synergy with Diablo’s Apocalypse or Blaze’s Jet Propulsion.

Like all other marksmen, he excelled with heroes that could easily create space for him to attack as Johanna, Mal’Ganis, or Blaze could.

Countered by:

Hanzo has very limited mobility while in combat and has to keep a distance from his enemies to survive. Hanzo will struggle to shake the highly mobile Heroes as they stay within his melee range, especially if they can follow him through the wall as he uses natural Agility to escape.