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Heroes of the Storm: Imperius Talent Build Guide


Imperius is a high-damage melee Bruiser that can also be played as a tank hero. He has many self-healing mechanisms that allow him to chase down his foes relentlessly. Although his damage must be respected, his limited mobility and poor molting ability often require him to be paired up with another pioneer.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Imperius



  • Outstanding self-recovery
  • Strong explosion damage
  • Be decent in the lane
  • Good end game
  • Can be played solo or as the main tank
  • Great track for crowd control


  • Depends on hitting Celestial Charge
  • Limited mobility
  • There is no dissection mechanism until Level 20
  • Can be easily captured by enemies of high heights
  • Trivial muscle waves
  • Weak against knockback, rooting, and slowing

Talent Build of Imperius

Molten Armor Build

His Molten Armor Build allows you and your party to deal massive amounts of damage to captured enemy Heroes as you engage a quick battle with Celestial Charge.

In particular, Melting Touch at Level 16 allows Imperius to reduce the enemy Heroes’ Armor.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

His movement ability is one of his biggest weaknesses, so he pairs extremely well with Heroes like Jaina or Fenix that can slow down enemies, so he can catch up. them with Celestial Charge. On the other hand, Heroes like Mal’Ganis or E.T.C. that might keep the enemy in place even better, because he is highly reliant on hitting his Charge, and a sleeping or stunned enemy is a guaranteed attack. Furthermore, as a tank, Imperius asks for another Resist Hero in the front line that can make up for his lack of cover, like Yrel or Blaze.

Countered by:

He has limited mobility, and can easily be punished by long-range Heroes if he is unable to attack Celestial Charge. For this reason, slows and kills are great against him, as they facilitate his defeat.

Maps of Imperius

He loses a bit compared to other solo laners when it comes to waveclear. However, he excels in team fights due to his high damage and sustained ability. For those reasons, he is a great hero in combat-focused maps that don’t require you to double yourself, such as Towers of Doom, Volskaya Foundry, or Alterac Pass.

Imperius’s Tips and Tricks

  • Molten Armor is very strong in a 1 on 1 situation, as it focuses all damage on the same target.
  • Angelic Armaments can be used to take down enemy Heroes, so don’t hesitate to use an active ingredient if you’re not worried about taking damage.
  • Celestial Charge can be used to stab and stunning multiple enemies at once, however, keep in mind that he cannot move during animation.
  • Molten Armor can be activated while Imperius is attacking enemies with the Celestial Charge Icon Celestial Charge to maximize his damage.
  • Staggering moves are crucial when playing him to maximize the Magic Brand’s damage done.
  • To improve his waveclear, use Solarion’s Fire when the opponent’s Minion wave is lined up in a straight line.
  • The closer your target is to you, the easier it is to hit Celestial Charge. If you aim the Celestial charge very close to him, it will attack the enemy much sooner, as there will be no time to move towards the enemy.