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Heroes of the Storm: Li Li Talent Build Guide

Li Li

Li Li is a Healer that provides high sustained heal but low continuous heal, which makes her exceptionally good in long fights and not good in other situations, unless You can get value from your Blind to mitigate a large amount of damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Li Li

Li Li


  • High sustained healing
  • Easy to play effectively
  • Good damage for a Support Hero
  • Trades damage efficiently
  • Blinding Wind is powerful against Heroes designed around Basic Attack, like Illidan.
  • Fast Feet makes it difficult for Li Li to start without Roots, Stun or Strong Slow.


  • Poor waveclear
  • Lacks any hard crowd control
  • Her long healing is ineffective with burst damage; Allies can die before they are healed
  • Healing Brew and Jug of 1,000 Cups automatically heal allies with the lowest percentage health, which is not always optimal.

Talent Build of Li Li

Blinding Wind Build

Wind Serpent (lv1), Surging Winds (lv4), Let’s Go! (lv7), Jug of 1,000 Cups (lv10), Gale Force (lv13), Pick Me Up (lv16), Mistweaver (lv20)

Blinding Wind Build is designed to provide additional protection from enemy Heroes based on Basic Attacks and to save an allied Hero from the enemy line of sight. In particular, Wind Serpent at Level 1 adds a second Blind effect to her Basic Skill and Gale Force at Level 13 increases the lifetime of all her Blinds. Furthermore, Pick Me Up at Level 16 increases healing to a target when needed most, and Let’s Go! Level 7 can be used to remove crowd control while also healing the target Hero for a fair amount.

Healing Brew Build

Free Drinks (lv1), Surginf Winds (lv4), The Good Stuff (lv7), Jug of 1,000 Cups (lv10), Mass Vortex (lv13), Two For One (lv16), Jug of 1,000,000 Cups (lv20)

Healing Brew Build is designed to increase sustained regeneration, something that helps counteract damage over time. In particular, Two For One helps you to keep many Allied Heroes in good condition with the help of Free Drinks and Good Items to put them all together well.

Cloud Serpent Build

Wind Serpent (lv1), Serpent Sidekick (lv4), Lightning Serpent (lv7), Jug of 1,000 Cups (lv10), Blessing Of Yu’Ion (lv16), Mistweaver (lv20).

Cloud Serpent build is designed to increase damage without much healing. Specifically, Lightning Serpent at level 7 allows her to continuously put pressure on the opposing team, and Serpent Sidekick at level 4 increases its value even further. Furthermore, Gale Force at Level 13 increases the physical damage dealt to enemy Heroes affected by Blind when combined with a Wind Serpent at Level 1, a Talent that adds a second target of Blind Wind to her kit.

Synergies and Counters

Li Li

Synergizes with:

She does very well with Heroes who can reduce damage when exploding. This allows her to successfully combat outbreak damage where she struggled. This is not a problem when faced with formations that lack explosive damage. Li Li also plays well with the Strong Heroes, as she can’t significantly contribute to map pressure.

Countered by:

The Healing Brew isn’t very effective with Magic-based explosive damage. Heroes that do constant damage will force the Healing Brew to heal a single ally, while the rest of her team may be suffering. Li Li is also countered by the crowd control feature that could disrupt the Jug 1,000 Cup and disable Fast Feet.