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Heroes of the Storm: Maiev Talent Build Guide


Maiev is an exceptionally resilient Assassin who is excellent at starting and often punishes opponents that are misplaced. With Fan of Knives as her primary damage tool, she excels at dealing with multiple foes. With fine micro, she can very often win 1v2 or 2v3 fights.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Maiev



  • Unique initialization utility through Umbral Bind
  • Notably high survivability against an assassin thanks to high Health, Vault of the Wardens Icon Vault of the Wardens, and generally high mobility
  • The area with high effect damage
  • Ganker is strong and difficult to gank
  • Decent waveclear
  • The fastest mercenary cleaning in the early game with Naisha’s Memento
  • Very high skill ceiling
  • Two possible hero abilities, which can be adapted to each situation


  • The gameplay is predictable and can ultimately be countered
  • There is no option for self-maintenance
  • Limited single-track ability
  • Damage a target is relatively low, especially in duel situations
  • Must attack from bushes or vents to surprise enemies
  • Easy to be punished after a foul
  • Low damage output if you miss Fan of Knives

Talent Build of Maiev

Standard Build

This standard construction provides unsurpassed sustained damage. Key Fan of Knives related to Talents gives you powerful, persistent effect area damage, forcing your opponent to spread, reducing their effectiveness.

Naisha’s Memento Icon Memento by Naisha is the default option for this build, as it will greatly improve your early game PvE capabilities. However, in maps where you cannot abuse your improved mercenary cleanup, we recommend Pursuit of Vengeance.

Cruel Chain Build

Cruel Chain Build of Maiev focuses on dealing maximum damage possible late in the game. Through stacking at the Early Levels, the Justice Bonds will significantly improve the Umbral Bind.

Please note that Bonds of Justice stacks for each secondary target hit by Umbral Bind, so it’s better to always apply the buff base attack on minions. As the name suggests, this Build is extremely reliant on Ruthless Chain, so we recommend you focus on stacking your Level 1 Talents before choosing.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Her unique ability to reliably drag several Heroes to her place, especially effective with Tanks seeking to establish a chain of crowd control. Assassins with a large amount of avoidable zone damage will also find Umbral Bind especially helpful. Also, she is favored to have healers with good AoE magic to benefit from her fighting.

Countered by:

Her relatively predictable game plan tends to be easily disrupted by crowd control or obscurity, as those would completely turn off her Umbral Bind. Furthermore, Maiev also struggled with highly mobile Heroes who could easily kite her.

Maps of Maiev

Her early game prowess and the incredible mercenary camp cleaning speed make her a good choice in most maps. However, she excels in maps with lots of vents, bushes, and small corridors, as those will facilitate her participation with the Spirit of Vengeance and Umbral Bind. Maiev becomes an even better option if the map has some mercenaries for her to capture, as she will be able to decide how the game is played.

Tips and Tricks

  • It’s best to keep the Fan of Knives Cooldown to try and hit at least two Heroes rather than using it, as its reset mechanic is so strong.
  • Using Umbral Bind against Minions or Structures may allow you to force Heroes out of range.
  • Spirit of Vengeance can be used through the walls or from vents or bushes to surprise the enemies.
  • The Recasting Spirit of Vengeance separates the projectiles towards Maiev.
  • The disc contained penetrates the Minions and Structures and is especially useful for denying the mighty Hero Powers or simply setting up.
  • Vault of the Wardens allows you to traverse units, but neither buildings nor terrain.