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Heroes of the Storm: Malthael Talent Build Guide


Malthael is the natural Bruiser against the healthy Heroes. Calm players that can apply Reaper’s Mark to multiple targets will be rewarded with overwhelming sustained damage and high survivability.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Malthael



  • Excellent self-sustaining ability
  • Powerful duelist
  • PvE damage is not a solid structure
  • It is difficult to escape once marked by the Reaper’s Mark Symbol Reaper’s Mark’s Symbol
  • Icon Last Rites Rites is great for performing Heroes
  • Multiple percent of damage sources cannot be reduced by Armor


  • Highly prone to being kited
  • Provides limited utility in addition to raw damage
  • Prepaid explosion damage limit
  • Weak siege damage
  • Low HP, easy to crowd control, and explosive in the early game

Talent Build Malthael

Standard Build

This standard construction provides outstanding survivability and long term damage resistance. It gives you strong self-sustaining and constant area damage, forcing your opponent to spread, reducing their effectiveness.

Massacre Build

Malthael’s Massacre Build focuses on dealing the maximum damage possible through Massacre and Death. Tormented Souls adds damage and maneuverability to Malthael through repeated uses of Wraith Strike.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Heroes that make enemies like Garrosh and E.T.C. Great for Malthael, as they reduce the focus on one target, allowing Last Rites to do it. One of Malthael’s problems was that he took too long to drop enemy health to the Last Rites threshold, so he was great with Greymane’s Cursed Bullet or with Tychus’s The Bigger They Are…

Since Malthael’s damage and self-sustaining ability is completely tied to Soul Rip, he has great synergy with Heroes that can reduce his Cooldown. While Ana with Nano Boost turns Malthael into an immortal killing machine, Malfurion is able to boost her efficiency very often through Passive.

Countered by:

As a melee assassin with a rather aggressive playstyle, he is susceptible to any form of target crowd control. Furthermore, since his main void was closer, the Wraith Strike, which required him to attack or hit a slow skill shot, he was naturally bound by his agile ranged Heroes.

Against experienced players, Blaze will be a great counterattack for him. The Bunker Drop erases the Reaper’s trail from anyone who enters it. It also negates the damage of the Last Rites. Since the enemy will be in the bunker, his self-sustaining ability will be very limited, as he will not be able to use the Soul Rip to sustain himself.

Maps of Malthael


He is a very versatile Hero, excelling in a variety of maps. The emblem on a pale horse On a pale horse enhances his efficiency in large maps, while his excellent double immersion makes him a good pick at Infernal Shrines, Sky Temple, and Towers of Doom.

His good duel abilities can be abused in Dragon Shire and the Tomb of the Spider Queen. Also, since Malthael can easily capture the Mercenary Camps, due to his good self-reliance, he is able to play well on macro maps, like the Garden of Terror and Blackheart’s Bay.

Malthael can’t abuse his quick turn and hit on a 2-lane map. Therefore, we do not introduce him to Hanamura Shrine and Eternal Battlefield.