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Heroes of the Storm: Murky Talent Build Guide


Murky is an excellent melee specialist at disappointing opponents. Uniquely designed, he is adept at grabbing the attention of enemy players, causing them to behave ineffectively in response to his abrasive presence. His allies must make use of the fact that he thrives in wasting battles; even when his attributes and damage value are limited, his Hero Characteristics, Spawn Egg Symbol, helps him never leave the battle for long when killed.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Murky



  • Good waveclear
  • Abilities have no Mana cost
  • Powerful revitalizing mechanism in the form of Egg-laying eggs
  • Get access to Octo-Grab, one of the most powerful Hero Abilities in the game
  • Overall the late-game presence was very threatening


  • Extremely fragile; by far the lowest HP of all Heroes
  • Failure to do Map Goals is like a coin, which is abandoned at death
  • Certain conditions may limit his damage abilities
  • Impressive early game presence
  • The unique style of play that your team must adapt

Talent Build of Murky

Slime Build

A Fishy Deal (lv1), Slime Time (lv4), Black Lagoon (lv7), March of the Murlocs (lv10), Fish Tank (lv13), Toxic Buildup (lv16), Making Inky (lv20).

His Slime Build is designed to increase his survivability in teamfights, especially if he happens to hit multiple enemies with a Slime.

Pufferfish Build

A Fishy Deal (lv1), Tufferfish (lv4), Slippery When Wet (lv7), Octo-Grab (lv10), Rejuvenating Bubble (lv13), Fish Oil (lv16), Big Tuna Kahuna (lv20).

His Pufferfish Build allows him to deal massive amounts of damage to enemy Heroes captured with Octo-Grab immediately after casting Pufferfish under their feet.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

His small health means the Shielding effect, in most cases of static value, is an extremely effective way to increase his survivability. Since the damage output of Murky is tuned around having a very limited HP, he naturally benefits greatly when combined with any Hero that can give him these effects. so. Otherwise, Octo-Grab could serve as a powerful setup for any delayed Hero Abilities.

Countered by:

His predictable attack plan and his reliance on being within close range of the target for effective damage makes him vulnerable to most high-damage Heroes. By some way kill him or quickly destroy Pufferfish. Li-Ming is a notorious traitor to Murky due to the way her Critical Mass Trait works. At Hero Level 16, Zarya has the right to use her own form of crowd control removal in the form of a Purge Shield, which significantly reduces Octo-Grab’s effectiveness.

Maps of Murky


Murky thrives on the larger Map, giving him space to play with A Fishy Deal. Incidentally, he also tends to do well on late-game Maps, as it allows his full power to come to light.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hide your Spawn Eggs in nooks and crannies or near Allied Buildings so it’s hard to find.
  • Use Slime Icon Slime and Pufferfish to create effective waves at all stages of the game.
  • Standing on the Pufferfish will prevent the opponent from targeting it easily.
  • Try to dodge dangerous skill shots or Skill-hit areas with Safety Bubble.
  • Call out your intended Octo-Grab target so your teammates know who needs to focus down.