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Heroes of the Storm: Orphea Talent Build Guide


Orphea is an oddball with a moderately above average survivability and high damage ability but limited crowd control. Given that all her Skills have a cast time or delay, all of them can be avoided by well-prepared opponents… unless you are better prepared.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Orphea



  • Powerful explosive damage
  • Ability to deal high continuous damage to one wheel
  • Relatively high survivability


  • All Skills have a short use time or delay, making them avoidable
  • Crowd control is very limited
  • The relatively short range on most Likelihoods
  • Mercenary Camps cannot be effectively verified
  • Especially weak when playing from the back

Talent Build Orphea

Overflowing Chaos Build

Ancestral Strength (lv1), Chaotic Assault (lv4), Insatiable (lv7), Crushing Jaws (lv10) – Eternal Feast (lv10), Abyssal Symbiosis (lv13), Dea Magic (lv16), Eldritch Conduit (lv20) – Engulfing Oblivion (lv20)

Meta build. Focuses on providing reliable damage through creating Inundated Chaos stacks for powerful Basic attacks interwoven between spells.

Shadow Waltz Build

En Pointe (lv1), Allegrissimo (lv4), Insatiable (lv7), Crushing Jaws (lv10) – Eternal Feast (lv10), Determination (lv13), Bond of Anguish (lv16), Eldritch Conduit (lv20) – Engulfing Oblivion (lv20)

Build out of the meta. Focus on improving sustained damage, especially against Tanky combos, melee combat. En Pointe Icon En Pointe, Allegrissimo, and Bond of Anguish work together to significantly improve Shadow Waltz’s damage capabilities. Recommended only for advanced Orphea players.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Since she relies heavily on shooting skills to deal damage, she works well with any Hero that can provide reliable crowd control. Her weakness also made her depend on other Heroes to fight melee Assassins; Tanks tend to fulfill these two needs, although other Hero types may as well.

Countered by:

Since Orphea relies heavily on skill shots with time used to deal damage, she’s exceptionally inferior to Heroes who quickly dodge her Skills.

Maps of Orphea

Her inability to deal continuous PvE damage makes her a bad choice on a Map where targets must be killed. If not, she’s a fair choice on most Maps, as long as another Hero can claim the Mercenary Camps.

Tips and Tricks

  • Every enemy Hero hit by Inundated Chaos creates a Chaos, making the vicinity a key to improving your survival.
  • Shadow Waltz may be tempted to use Cooldown, but using it to avoid dangerous skill shots is paramount.
  • Chomp naturally joined forces with Shadow Waltz; Use the latter to reach your intended goal.
  • Both Dread’s initial wave and eruption can hit certain targets.

Role in the Current Meta


Compared to most other casters, Orphea provides above-average on-demand explosion damage and damage that stays decent. On the other hand, she lacks a lot of crowd control, so it is necessary to choose her along with what Heroes can provide. As with many Heroes offering less damage, her popularity depends entirely on her strength level due to the game balance. Regardless, building a squad that is meant to stay ahead of your opponents in Experience is the best way to harness her strength as a Snowball Hero.

Due to her reliance on crowd control, she is at her best as part of the roaming Heroes team. She can fight most melee Heroes on her own, but has to be careful when turning and may need help cleaning up the large Mercenary Camps.