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Heroes of the Storm: Qhira Build Guide


Qhira is a melee assassin that combines powerful movement, speed, and damage to constantly hunt down prey. Her most useful tool for doing that exactly is her Trait Grappling Hook, which comes with a huge cooldown, however, it turns out to be a distance-close and escape mechanism. extremely impactful. The majority of her damage comes from the Stacking Bleeding effect applied whenever she damages enemy Champions with both her Basic Attack and any of her abilities and can be amplified by activating Blood Rage in time.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Qhira



  • Great mobility
  • Strong damage-over-time
  • Hard to read for enemies
  • Good Solo Laner


  • Easily stunned and Silent by the opponent
  • Depends on the terrain
  • Deep learning curve

Talent Build of Qhira

Heavy Bleeding Build

Build Heavy Bleeding focuses on her outstanding sustained damage. Her primary goal should always be to deal staggering bleeding damage to multiple enemies at once.

At Level 1, Fatal Wounds will greatly increase damage and persistence upon completion, while Maximum Effort will be great against a team with little mobility. At Level 4, Qhira can decide depending on the situation she encounters. We generally recommend picking Upstage, but when you play against Heroes with fast basic attacks, like Tracer, Your Pain, My Gain Icon Your Pain, My Gain is a good alternative.

Carnage Build

Maximum Effort is Carnage Build’s Core Talent, which doubles the damage of the Carnage Icon Carnage while adding an excellent slow that can be used to set the Sweep Spin.

This build is excellent against the Melee Modes. The desire combined with the utmost effort can make Qhira very resilient if she can hit Carnage. However, since it is difficult to hit Carnage with the longer-ranged Heroes, it is better to use the Heavy Bleeding Build against the Ranged Compositions.

Basic Attack Build

The basic attack style, as the name suggests, focuses on her basic attacks. This build is mainly focused on her dueling abilities as it is not as effective as other combat builds. However, the extra damage from Finishing Touch and healing from Siphoning Link is very stressful in a duel. This build is better in Braxis Holdout and Dragon Shire, as single-lane target control is essential on those maps.

Qhira’s Synergies and Counters


Qhira synergizes with:

She pairs well with Healers who excel at assisting individual targets by either increasing their damage or granting them a great deal of protection. Furthermore, Tank with powerful crowd control makes it easy for her to reliably take down her skills.

Qhira is countered by:

There are very few “hard” counters for her. Her equipment is solid and her abilities are not counterattacked by Blinds. Her mobility allows her to play attack or defense. However, there are certain Heroes that make her life a little more difficult than others – Heavy crowd control tanks and Bruiser can keep her at a distance, and Heroes enhance abilities Allied movement abilities, such as Lucio, make it difficult for her to land her key shots skill.