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Heroes of the Storm: Samuro Talent Build Guide


Samuro is a Close-range Assassin who can Invisibility and create his own Image on request. His Mirror shots can confuse his enemies, causing them to waste resources and cooldowns. He is an excellent solo laner. With the right micro, his clone becomes a major nuisance for the enemy team, while he will tear down any target.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Samuro



  • Having great DPS if he is free to fight
  • There are 2 different cleaning methods for DoT or debugging
  • Can increase many skills with clones
  • Proficient in capturing the Mercenary Camps
  • Has a very high skill ceiling
  • It is possible to distract and confuse the enemy Heroes with the Illusion Master Icon Master
  • Easily rid of any gank attempt
  • Have great self-sustaining abilities using the Hearth Trick


  • Weak early game
  • Images can help the enemy complete the Quest
  • Vulnerable if Revealed
  • Vulnerable to peel and knockbacks
  • Hard to play
  • No crowd control as a Bruiser

Talent Build of Samuro

Illusion Master Build

Illusion Master’s build focuses on Talents that increase Reflection damage, endurance and spawn frequency. While Illusion Master is very powerful it is a lot more difficult to use so first we recommend building a build that is more accessible for beginners. Both builds can work well in any category, but they play quite differently. Illusion Master adds a significant layer of complexity, as it allows the player to control 3 units at once. This build is recommended for players who are already comfortable with his other mechanics.

Way of Illusion deals extra damage, but Way of the Blade is a good choice if you don’t plan to stack Way of virtual. Mirage and Deflection can both be good at Level 4, depending on the type of damage the opposing team approaches. The AoE damage the enemy Heroes will use to quickly send your Image will usually be from Skill Damage, which is why Mirage is recommended as the base. However, Deviation can help your Image increase more tower shots as you add Heroes under the buildings.

Bladestorm Build

Bladestorm’s build is focused on Talents that increase utility for Wind Walk. This helps Samuro get in and out of the melee range, where he deals all of his meaningful damage. This build is a great starting point for players who are new to him and can work well at any level of play. However, it can also be built for more sustained damage gameplay, with Way of Illusion, Crushing Blows, and Press the Attack. It’s great if you don’t need Way of the Wind to get close to enemy champions.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

He does well with Heroes who can increase his Visual stats or can heal him from afar, as Malfurion and Deckard can. He also excels with Abathur, the only thing better than Three Blade Style is Six Blade Style.

Countered by:

When Samuro had difficulty coping with retaliatory attacks, Khiio and E.T.C. can significantly decrease his effectiveness by pushing him away with every act of aggression possible. He also has to deal with Heroes that can easily kill his image, like Jaina, Orphea, or Cassia with Surge of Light. Furthermore, the Heroes who benefit from cloning may be a problem, such as Medivh, Sonya, or Diablo.

Stukov is especially against Samuro because of his Biotic Armor and Flying Claw, which can significantly reduce his damage.