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Heroes of the Storm: Tassadar Talent Build Guide


Tassadar is a long-range assassin with good damage from high range. All of his skills deal AoE damage, making it an excellent Hero if the enemies tend to be close together. Force Wall is an interesting ability. If used well, it can be very damaging, but if not taken care of properly, it can even harm your team. Although he may have some Talents that improve survivability, he is a weak and immobile Hero. Without the right location, he will become an easy target for any melee tank or assassin.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Tassadar



  • Heavy AoE damage
  • High poke range
  • Psionic Storm and Shock Ray are excellent wave gauges
  • Can help you through the slows of Shock Ray and Force Wall
  • Has the potential for large staking, good at small choke points


  • Very annoying, and can easily be killed or ganked
  • Weak on a Hero with high mobility, as all of his Skills can be easily dodged.
  • Do not move outside of Specific Talents
  • Force Wall is difficult to use and has a high mana cost.
  • Weak from crowd control or retaliation, as they cancel Shock Ray.

Talent Build of Tassadar

Shock Ray Build

Shock Ray Build focuses on acquiring Talents to maximize Shock Ray’s power. Static Charge will significantly increase Shock Ray’s damage, while also increasing his sustained mana by stacking his Resonance Beam. At Level 4, Touch is a good choice against some add-on modes, as the extra movement speed could be the difference between being killed or not by Greymane or Thrall. However, Plasma Shield is excellent for fighting bogus heroes or against enemies that will chase you no matter how fast you move, like Zeratul or Genji.

In such situations, Induction will not be helpful. All talent at Level 13 could be good; Shadow Walk can save him from a diver, Oracle gives him great resistance to and defenses against Mage, and Feedback can be very damaging if they don’t have threats to kill you.

At level 7, the Psionic Echo is a good choice as Tassadar wants to shoot someone faster, but it doesn’t boost his DPS as much as Beam Alignment. However, Arc Discharge could also be an option, as it will greatly increase the base attack range, boosting Archon. Archon is the recommended Hero ability for this build. So far, we don’t find the Black Hole more reliable.

Archon will significantly increase your damage from basic attacks and skills in battle, while also ensuring that the Beam Shield Icon Plasma Shield and Beam Icon Alignment increase during battle. We always recommend using Twilight Archon here, as this build is heavily dependent on Archon’s Basic Attacks and has a Ray Alignment charge.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Tassadar relied on hitting Shock Ray, so he outperformed E.T.C. or Johanna, Hero with powerful crowd control can easily set enemies for his Abilities. He is also very difficult to finish off enemies, so highly mobile assassins can use him to destroy low-health targets.

Countered by:

Tassadar is resisted by highly mobile Heroes who can easily dive or stun him. His lack of mobility and low health make him an easy target for the Mobile Heroes, highly dependent on his allies against him.