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Heroes of the Storm: Tracer Talent Build Guide


Tracer is an extremely mobile long-range Assassin. Due to her fragility, she relied on her Abilities to continually reposition and defeat the enemy. With high explosive damage and multiple escapes, she can be a nuisance to the enemy’s backline.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Tracer



  • Can move while basic attacking
  • High basic attack speed
  • Great mobility
  • It is possible to debuff errors with Recall
  • Has constant damage and explosion
  • Can safely overextend with Recall
  • Able to self-sustain well from basic attacks and talents


  • Extremely poor waveclear
  • Very fragile
  • Requires Level 7 to deal decent damage
  • Can be difficult to master
  • Easy to kill if controlled
  • Easily be countered by good ranged damage Heroes, such as Raynor or Sgt. Hammer

Talent Build

Basic Attack Build

The Basic Attack build is a good template to use when approaching every game. Because Tracer normally has to do constant damage until she can destroy it, her effectiveness increases over the length of time she can be safe within the Basic Attack range.

One-Two Punch significantly increases her damage out of combat, but you won’t be able to use melee as often in 5v5 for a single target. We recommend participating in the Tracking Round if you’ll always team up with your team (this happens when you’re the component’s only long-range assassin).

The Pulse Generator will not only increase her self-sustaining ability, but also her mobility. Is that a health package?! significantly increases her health management and is a suitable option on maps where you can tap before a battle, getting a great sustained power. Heavy Handed is a good choice at level 16 if you need some extra damage to detonate a single target, and can be the difference between killing a desired target or not.

Ricochet, Untouchable, Locked, and Loaded will significantly increase her damage. She will start to become a major threat as she starts to stack Untouchable. You should play safely after 2 stacks because 10% of the bonus damage will be more than enough for you to have more lives. However, the Jumper is a good choice if you can’t guarantee some kills before ending the game.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

She works well against Heroes with strong waveclears, who can also deal area damage over time. Malfurion is a good choice for Tracer. He is able to support her from a long distance due to Regrowth. Anduin is also nice to her because, given her high mobility, she can easily perform.

Countered by:

Tracer is threatened by a capable Hero who can target her directly, such as Poly Bomb or Taunt. Her survival depends on her ability to move; She dies very quickly when damage is unavoidable. This makes her vulnerable to Heroes with powerful long-range Basic Attack and Heroes can neutralize her by controlling the target community only preventing the use of the Jutsu again.

Maps of Tracer

She is usually strong on maps that encourage foes to split, where she can punish Heroes captured from the safety of buildings or allies. She can fight targets on the PvE map, especially if her design encourages teams to group.