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Heroes of the Storm: Tychus Talent Build Guide


Tychus is a persistent Damage Assassin who excels at damaging Heroes with large amounts of health. Much of his damage from Overkill and Minigun can be interrupted by crowd control, requiring him to rely on positioning carefully. Although his Hero Powers require some planning, they can be devastatingly game-changing when used properly.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Tychus



  • Very high damage maintained, especially against Tanks
  • Can fly a kite very effectively when Overkill
  • Commandeer Odin is a great tool for target control, push, or defense while pushing
  • Waveclear is quite good with Overkill and Frag Grenade


  • Vulnerable to crowd control
  • Overkill and Minigun (his main source of damage) can be interrupted
  • Relatively low range for a long-range Assassin
  • Doing meaningful damage with Minigun Icon Minigun might be unsafe, as using Basic Attack means slightly immobile.

Talent Build

Standard Build

Press the Advantage (lv1) – Dash, The Bigger They Are… (lv4) – In the Rhythm, Melting Point (lv7) – Relentless Soldier, Commandeer Odin (lv10), Neosteel Coating (lv13), Sizzlin’ Attacks (lv16) – Titan Grenade, Big Red Button (lv20) – Bob and Weave.

Through his Level 1 Talent, he will always be on the lookout for his Tank engagements. While Press the Advantage is great for punishing tanks more often, Dash provides you with the mobility you need, making it easier for you to track your Tanks.

Grenade Build

Quarterback (lv1), The Bigger They Are… (lv4), Melting Point (lv7), Commandeer Odin (lv10), Neosteel Coating (lv13), Titan Grenade (lv16) – Sizzlin’ Attacks, Big Red Button (lv20).

His Grenade Build focuses on improving the efficiency of Frag Grenade. The increased range allows Tychus to finish off enemies more often, while also allowing him to poke from a safer location. Since this build doesn’t improve his next potential with the Minigun, you should only pick it up if you have a tank with a large displacement to your advantages, such as a Garrosh or ETC..

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

He can deal an incredible amount of damage against a stationary target and benefits greatly from the powerful crowd control in his team. Heroes who can control crowds or move enemies on their own will do very well with him because they can lock enemies while the Minigun does their job. He thrives as his frontline is made up of disruptive Heroes, preventing the enemy team from concentrating him safely.

Countered by:

Tychus does exceptionally high long-lasting damage with a high Cooldown. This can be countered by Heroes who can move themselves and their allies out of his range until his Skill is Cooldown. Interrupting or dazzling him is also a great way to control his damage. He is easy to be controlled by the crowd; they can interrupt the Overkill and eat up the Minigun’s active duration.

Maps of Tychus

His usefulness is determined by the team composition rather than the map he is playing on. This is because many of his Ability and Talent mechanisms are designed to interact with enemy Heroes, rather than with the environment. However, there are some mechanics worth considering when deciding whether to play him on certain maps or not. He has a decent waveclear, which allows him to pass on most maps. If you need to play the role of a Hero for your party who can solo the Mercenary Camps, his lack of self-sustaining ability makes him a bad choice.

For this reason, he is also a weak pick if you’re playing a map that requires lengthy solo PvE bouts. Commandeer Odin significantly increases the effectiveness of Tychus for a limited amount of time. This makes him an excellent pick in Infernal Shrines and Volskaya Foundry, as it can be used in target and the enemy will have to choose between fighting at a disadvantage or giving up on target.