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Heroes of the Storm: Whitemane Talent Build Guide


Whitemane is a Healer who can heal her allies by damaging enemies. She has a favorable damage ability to most Heroes and must do so in order to maximize healing. If she can continuously deal damage, she can inflict massive healing on her team.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Whitemane



  • Very good damage deals
  • Able to heal high in team fights
  • Most Skills do not cost Mana


  • Mechanical waves and PvE are very poor
  • Very low portability
  • Healing is largely dependent on the damage dealt

Talent Build of Whitemane

Inquisition Build

Pity the Frail (lv1), Martrdom (lv4), Intercession (lv7) – Zealous Spirit (lv7), Scarlet Aegis (lv10) – Divine Reckoning (lv10), Subjugation (lv13), Shared Punishment (lv16), Scarlet Crusade (lv20) – Judgment Day (lv20) – Purge the Wicked (lv20)

Her Inquisition Build uses Talents to increase the Inquisition’s defense and attack effectiveness by reducing its cooldown through Pity the Frail at level 1, reducing the damage inflicted by the target thanks to the Subjugation at level 13. while also doubling its effectiveness while reducing the Armor of the enemy Heroes hit with the help of General Penalty at Level 16.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Whitemane does not effectively erase the Minion waves. She has synergy with outstanding Heroes in PvE.

Countered by:

She has very limited mobility and must be within the range of the enemy’s threat to deal healing damage to allies. She will fight against Heroes who can take her place, as she doesn’t have any form of escape once she’s caught.

One of her strengths is his ability to effectively stack damage; Heroes who can damage her without trading can make it difficult for her to adapt. In addition, Heroes can significantly decrease or prevent the amount of healing they receive can significantly decrease the effectiveness of Twin Blades in skirmishes.

Maps of Whitemane

Whitemane has a very poor waveclear and PvE. She is not strong on any particular map, because her strong point has no interaction with maps. Her success depends more on the team composition than on the map being played. Due to no PvE damage, she will struggle to be useful while defending against targets on the map that have units spawned.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure to use Twin Blades on damaged allies before dealing damage.
  • Desperate Joy and Chastity are the only Skills in her outfit that cost Mana; Manage your Mana wisely.
  • Cast Inquisition right after Searing Lash to maximize your DPS.
  • Cast Searing Lash whenever available and safe to do so.
  • Scarlet Aegis can be used in team fights to apply Fervor to allies at no cost to Desperation.

Role in the Current Meta

Whitemane needs to be damaging for optimal healing, so a strong frontline is needed for her to be at her best. Her complete lack of waves is another weakness that will limit her teamwork. She must have allies that can exert enough pressure on the map to make up for her lack of interaction with the environment. Although she has clearly identified her weaknesses, she can be strong in teams with a strong and turbulent front.