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Heroes of the Storm: Yrel Talent Build Guide


Yrel is a resilient melee Bruiser who excels at giving chances to teamfights in favor of his team. With more crowd control abilities, she can decide to use them for defense or attack. Since all of her Basic Skills have a short duration, it’s extremely important to think before playing her to avoid interruptions or missing out on the right moment to strike.

Strengths and Weaknesses



  • Sustainable self-sustaining
  • Aim good or control mercenary points with the Righteous Hammer
  • Strong comfort
  • Good mobility thanks to Avenge Wrath
  • Decent waveclear
  • Templar’s Verdict armor can be significantly reduced


  • It’s easy to be controlled by the crowd
  • Easily running out of mana
  • Susceptible to getting kited

Talent Build of Yrel

Bruiser Build

The Bruiser Build is designed to turn Yrel into a formidable solo laner and – as the name suggests – a Bruiser. Both Dauntless and Light of Karabor will greatly increase her survivability, ensuring that you have enough stamina to outlive most other Heroes in the lane or at least trade evenly. At Level 4, we recommend using Hand of Freedom, as it adds the movement speed needed to allow her to reach the target while switching skills.

The Level 20 Seraphim removes one of her core weaknesses and leaves her much less control over by the enemy by giving her a short amount of time she becomes unstoppable. Note that you can activate Seraphim during the transformation of an ability, rejecting a predetermined interruption.

Divine Steed Build

Her Divine Steed Build is an option to use against an enemy that can easily cancel her Rage Icon. The gameplay of this build focuses on positioning yourself to disrupt the enemy’s formation, using the right Righteous Hammer Icon.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Yrel coordinates really well with Garrosh, as she can use the Righteous Hammer Icon to push an enemy towards him or push the enemy away after he throws someone into your team, so aim can’t be stripped.

Johanna and Maiev are also very nice to her, as they can pull enemies closer together, so she can follow with Avenge Wrath, dealing high damage. Abathur will significantly increase her survivability and damage early in the game, but after Level 16, the two will be very strong together, as the movement speed is provided by Adrenaline Boost Icon Adrenaline Boost.

Countered by:

She only fights against Heroes who possess reliable crowd control, such as ETC, Khiio, or Johanna, who can interrupt her while charging her Basic Skills. She is severely punished when the enemy uses her knockback ability in Avenge Wrath Icon Avenge Wrath. For this reason, E.T.C. is the most threatening opponent she can face, as he can interrupt every leap for Yrel.

Maps of Yrel

She is not weak in any of the maps, as she can always duel with an enemy solo laner and wander with them. However, she excels on maps like Braxis Holdout, Infernal Shrines, or Dragon Shire allowing her to hold a position on Objective, abusing her resilience.