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Heroic vs ENCE Prediction – ESL PRO LEAGUE – 08/19

Heroic vs ENCE prediction

Heroic vs ENCE prediction

Heroic vs ENCE prediction on August 19, 2021. Heroic is showing that they can shoot on a variety of maps. In the past 2 matches, they have never shot on a single map. It can be seen that this is a good sign for many fans of this team. Heroic is showing signs of returning after months of unstable competition before.

Heroic Overview

Heroic is still having a perfect warm-up in ESL Pro League in Group A. They brought home 2 victories so they are currently leading the group. The first win against Bad News Bears is not worth talking about when the opponent is too far behind in terms of level, but the last match against Spirit has shown the level of this team. However, encountering ENCE will be a completely different story, when the opponent is showing a nasty play when defeating Astralis.

ENCE Overview

After the defeat on the opening day against Vitality, ENCE began to show signs of entering the form. They defeated Astralis to temporarily hold 4th place in Group A as of press time. The head-to-head statistics are even better for ENCE, when 7 times they clashed. They won 4 but only lost 3 to Heroic. With its growing psychological momentum, ENCE can completely compete with Heroic in this match.

Heroic vs ENCE prediction

ENCE also has some pretty effective matches in this match against Heroic. Especially when they will most likely pick Nuke when this is a familiar map for ENCE. Surely Heroic also understands the weakness of ENCE in Overpass. As they did not perform too well on this map, this could be the choice in this game 1 match when Heroic is started first with CT side.

With the two teams most likely to split a winning game after the first 2 games of this match, shooting game 3 is entirely possible. Experts predict that the two teams will have the same choice as Ancient. This is the map that both sides feel most confident about when there is no more or less different win rate. 

At this time, the balance, as well as the tactical ability of the team that is higher, will win the final. Experts continue to put their faith in Heroic in this 3rd game. They are in higher form with two wins in a row, having outstanding individuals like cadiaN,  TeSeS,  sjuush who are very good at big hand shots. 

However, experts also predict for a tense and dramatic scenario, ENCE also has individuals who are capable of responding aggressively such as hades, Spinx,  dycha. However, Heroic with a slightly better strength will still be the overall winner. The final score is predicted by experts to be 2-1 in favor of Heroic.

Heroic vs ENCE bet prediction

Heroic vs ENCE total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Heroic 1-0 ENCE
  • Game 2: Heroic 0-1 ENCE
  • Game 2: Heroic 1-0 ENCE

Total score 2-1 (ENCE win)

Handicap bet (ENCEis handicapped 1.5 )

Choose ENCE

First 5 Rounds win:

  • Game 1: Heroic
  • Game 2: ENCE
  • Game 3: ENCE

Total Rounds:

  • Game 1: Heroic 16-9 ENCE (Under)
  • Game 2: Heroic 12-16 ENCE (Over)
  • Game 3: Heroic 16-13 ENCE (Over)


Heroic: cadiaN, TeSeS, refrezh, sjuush,  stavn

ENCE: hades, dycha,   Snappi,  Spinx,  doto