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Analysis and evaluation champions of the Hextech clan in Arena of Truth

Hextech clan

Hextech clan

After 3 major versions, the Arena of Truth has received the first new race in the game – Hextech (Technology). With the ability to disable equipment, Hextech clan champions are being used a lot to counter the squads that favor the main farming. 

In this article, let’s take a look at the Hextech clan champions, and evaluate and analyze in Hextech clan champions. 


Actually, with the value of a 1 gold champion, maybe we should not expect anything from her scowling grandmother. However, even when compared to the worst 1 gold champions in the game like Graves or Mordekaiser, perhaps Camille should still be ranked one rank behind them. 

Camille is the sum of all the most trivial things in a champion: single target damage, incapability, and especially the ability to squeeze super classic teammates when she keeps jumping Come in and ask the whole team to shoot at … the Braum who is shielding.

  • Race / Us: Hextech clan champion – Steel shadow
  • Price: 1 gold
  • Skill: Ultimatum – Rushes in and binds enemies within a few seconds, dealing damage and calling allies to attack the target
  • Rank: D

In general, players will only use Camille in two cases: Build a line of swordsmen with Jinx with Anonymous Sword, or build a line of 9 Swordsmen (for fun). Also, she has no effect on the game.


  • Tribe / System: Hextech clan champion – Transformation
  • Price: 2 gold
  • ABILITY: Thundering – knocking an opponent behind, dealing damage, and stunning them. After using the ability, Jayce will change into a cannon, gain a range of fire and increase the rate of fire in the next few attacks.
  • Rank: C

Maybe Jayce is a bit better than Camille, but this is really a bad champion and not worth the investment. Jayce has the mechanism to transform from close to far combat like Shyvana, but not able to backward to discharge bullets like Shy. Except in the Transfiguration team, Jayce didn’t provide any resistance to the roster. 

Don’t try to be a cannonball for Jayce because Thunder has a range of only 1 and Jayce will not be able to transform if he cannot repel the opponent. Jayce should probably only be used as an offensive card in some specific roster, such as Wild –  Transfiguration – Technology – Gladiator (4 Wild + 4 Transfiguration + Vi).


  • Race / Us: Hextech clan champion – Gladiator
  • Price: 3 gold
  • ABILITY: Unleash a Vault – Strike towards the farthest opponent, dealing damage to all opponents on the flight while knocking them to the side. Upon reaching the target, throw them into the air and cause damage.
  • Ranking: A

Vi is really a champion that shows the spirit of the Hextech clan champions. After the equipment of a team carry has just worked again, Vi will immediately rush in and continue the combo of control + punch on the mouth of the champion. 

In addition, Vi also possesses the ability to break extremely good cluster formation due to the repulsive mechanism on the fly. Overall this is a pretty versatile champion and worth playing if you build 2 Hextech, play Gladiators, or even combine with the assassin squad to destroy the back row of the enemy.

JINX CHAMPION – Hextech clan

  • Race / System: Hextech clan champion – Archer
  • Price: 4 Gold
  • Rank: S

Do you know how Draven came out during the Arena of Truth to carry the horror team? Yes, Jinx in the current version is much worse than that Draven.

The reason Draven and the ADC champions have weakened in recent versions is because of the appearance of the meta Braum Armor Gai, but Jinx does not seem to be tired of this shield guy – the ADC system allows her to shoot multiple targets at the same time, moreover when she turned on Fishbone, she will deal magic damage so the amount of damage reflected is negligible.