July 31, 2021


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LCS Lock In: Armao proves himself after assisting Team Liquid

Team Liquid

During the LCS Lock In, Jonathan ‘Armao‘ Armao has helped Team Liquid incredibly so far, but is he worthy of another chance in the LCS?

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Jungler Lucas ‘Santorin’ Larsen

Several European players have had their visas delayed and did not make it for the first-ever LCS Lock-In tournament with the start of the 2021 LCS season. Liquid Jungler Lucas ‘Santorin’ Larsen, who had to sit out for the first week of the matches, was one of those players.

Academy player Armao was to replace him, exceeding expectations to a point where he might once again be considered an LCS-caliber player.

Armao has previous LCS experience, most notably because of his time back in 2018 with Team SoloMid. He received a final shot on Dignitas after parting ways with TSM in 2019, but did not manage to live up to LCS standards. For 2020, He had to step back and play for both Dignitas and Liquid in the Academy league.

He had an unexpected opportunity to once again prove his worth against the best players in North America with 2021 kicking off with a new season. Although in three games he just had to sub in for Liquid, the experienced jungler had to demonstrate that he still has a high level of play.

He played two games for Nidalee and one for Lillia during his three games back on the LCS stage. For Armao, both Nidalee matches were a big success and resulted in two victories for his team. 

He demonstrated the proactive play in both games that he lacked when leaving TSM in 2019. Suddenly, he was back in shape, and although it was just a few games, it might be enough for him to rebuild his gameplay to get an offer from LCS in 2021.

The second highest KDA among all junglers 

Armao is sitting at the second highest KDA among all junglers at 7 after the first week of LCS Lock-In. He also performs well at 10 minutes in other statistics, such as CS differential and XP differential. He is placed in the middle of the pack, which is more than plausible for a last-minute substitution, even though he does not top the charts.

Santorin will be back to play with his team at last, as the LCS Lock-In is heading into week two, but Armao left the team in a great and promising position. He will rejoin the team at the Liquid Academy, which will start on 20 January.

Fans might see him return to the LCS for the summer split if Armao can maintain his performance in the Academy league.