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Hitman 3 Guide – Some best loadout options for you

Hitman 3 Guide

It should be noted that there are some items that can only be accessed by adding them to your inventory during the mission planning phase. Many of these are weapons or pieces of equipment given to the player upon reaching a certain Mastery Rank in a location. It goes without saying that some of the Hitman trilogy’s best loading options require some mastery of skill. We’ve listed the starting options in playing Hitman 3 guide, what they do, and where to unlock them. 

Lockpick – Hitman 3 guide

Hitman 3 Guide

Available instantly and essential for your first run to a new location. Eliminate time spent searching for keys on the map or stealing them from mindless guards. Using a lockpick is illegal, so make sure no one sees it while doing it.

Silenced Pistol

Unlocked Locations: Paris, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido, Mumbai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Mendoza, Carpathian Mountains

Besides Agent 47’s String, the Silverballer silenced pistol is another icon of the series. In the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy, there are plenty of alternatives and you’ll want to unlock them as soon as possible, preferably with the Steady Aim perk for improved accuracy.

Remote Explosive – Hitman 3 guide

Unlocked Locations: Paris, Marrakesh, Colorado, Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Berlin

There are several different flavors of explosives found in each level in the Hitman trilogy although remote explosives are the most reliable. Unlike environmental explosives such as canisters, you don’t have to shoot them, only triggering them with a trigger when there’s a target within range. 

Most explosive devices will cause an alarm if they are detected, so hide them carefully or use an alternative such as the unsuspecting ICA Explosive Phone found in Bangkok. You can also get RFID Triggered Explosive in Santa Fortuna. As Hitman 3 guide, This will only explode when a tagged individual is in range.

Silent Sniper Rifle

Unlocked Locations: Colorado, Hokkaido, Sgail Island, Haven Island, Chongqing

The Hitman trilogy offers a diverse arsenal of sniper rifles, but for the best results, you’ll likely love guns with attachments. This can reduce the overall range of the rifle but is essential to remain undetected. There are some suppressed snipers up for grabs though Hackl Leviathan is easily the best. Unlocked upon reaching Rank 20 in Chongqing, it has 5 perks including bullet penetration, can slow time, range shift, and subsonic noise reduction.

Emetic Poison – Hitman 3 guide

Hitman 3 Guide

There are three types of poison found in Hitman 3 and earlier games, although the vomiting poison is our favorite. This allows you to control the behavior of any character, forcing them to locate the nearest bathroom or an isolated space for them to vomit. Ideal for identifying targets, interrupting sentry patrols, or removing bodyguards. Poisoning a target will require patience, shuffling food/drink, or using it through a syringe. Unless you happen to have one of the following in your loader…

Sieker 1

Hitman 3 Guide

Unlocked Location: Haven Island

If you want the best Hitman 3 loadout then you need to book a trip to Haven Island. This idyllic resort is one of two DLC locations for Hitman 2, and aside from the awesome levels, it’s tagged with some awesome Mastery unlocks. The first of these is the Sieker 1, a pistol that can shoot poison darts that cause vomiting. You only have a few shots though this is the easiest way to discreetly poison a target within range. Note that the pistol can even be used while extending the ledges, making the Sieker 1 even more versatile.