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Holy Roman Empire Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4 Tips

Holy Roman Empire Civilization

Holy Roman Empire Civilization

The Holy Roman Empire is the most powerful religious civilization in the Age of Empires 4. Players should be prepared to use the Holy Roman Empire’s Religious Cardinal unit to increase the productivity of their Villagers as well as other religious units to support their troops. Another aspect of the Holy Roman Empire Civilization was its impressive defense. A player who could use both elements to their advantage would be unstoppable.

Holy Roman Empire Civilization Bonuses

  • Prelate is available in Dark Age (I).
  • Early weapon-wielding was in the Feudal Age (II).
  • Garrison Relics inside Outposts, Keeps, and Towers to improve their vision, weapon range, armor, and damage.
  • Docks can be stationed for Relics, increasing the attack speed of all ships by five percent for each Relic (up to 25 percent).
  • Teleport costs on Outposts, Wall Towers, and Turrets are reduced by 25 percent.

The perks of playing as the Holy Roman Empire are perfect for large-scale armies and fortress designs. After fortifying your first village, quickly deploy your troops to capture the Holy Lands or any other strategic objective you wish. Ask your troops to defend the position and then ask your villagers to start building a new town center and defense. Also, make Teachers and other religious units support your villagers and other military units, and collect relics.

Special Units

  • Prelate: Gives Holy Inspiration to Villagers, making them active 40 percent faster for 30 seconds.
  • Landsknecht: Light infantry with a large two-handed sword, capable of dealing massive area damage.

The two specialized units within the Holy Roman Empire Civilization were the Prelate and the Landsknecht. Both units serve very different purposes. Prelate is a religious unit that can make the villagers more efficient. You can make them in your town center from the beginning of the game. Using Patterns boosts your resource collection, especially in the early game, so make sure to have a few people helping your villagers.

Landsknecht is a melee unit that uses two-handed swords to perform area-sweeping attacks. They are extremely powerful and can deal with hordes of enemies on their own. Place them in the right area and they will be able to protect your village, sacred place, or wall.

Holy Roman Empire Civilization Throughout Ages

Age One

Like any other civilization, you’ll want to start gathering resources right away and send your scouts out to find sheep, resources, and sacred sites. On top of that, create a few Templates to dramatically enhance your resource collection.

Age Two

Build Meinwerk Palace or Aachen Chapel to start the feudal age. The difference is that Meinwerk acts like a Blacksmith at a reduced cost of technology, and Aachen Chapel inspires units within its radius when held captive by the Patterns.

Start the second by building an Aachen Chapel near your farms. Maybe even some other resource gathering buildings. What this building will do is essentially increase the range of one of your templates. Thus, make it a consistent boost to your resource collection for the rest of the game. You should also have an idea of ​​where you want to expand next. Send some army units and a few villagers there to start creating a second village.

Age Three – Holy Roman Empire Civilization

To start the castle age, build Regnitz Cathedral or Burgrave Palace. The difference between the two is that the Regnitz Cathedral can hold relics and generate +200 gold per minute, and the Burgrave Palace allows you to craft five units at a time. Thus, allowing you to create a huge army quickly.

If you are new to the game, choose the Burgrave palace to be able to spawn a powerful army. Make sure to send these units to strategic defense points and let them help you conquer as much land and sacred sites as possible.

Age Four

For the royal age, build a Swabia Palace or Elzbach Palace of Holy Roman Empire Civilization. If you create a Swabia Palace, this will act as another town center, but reduce the villagers by 75%. Conversely, if you build the Elzback Palace, it will act as a sentry but have more health and strengthen nearby fortifications.

Elzbach Palace is usually the better option now, so enter the end times by building Elzbach Palace. Place it somewhere that needs a lot of protection from opposing forces. Play your last match to win and keep your defenses strong.