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House Of Ashes Guide – Some Tips Before You Start

House Of Ashes

House Of Ashes

In House of Ashes, every decision you make can save or destroy the lives of your characters. The title of this thriller is based on the tension created by not knowing what is the best decision, as well as the mystery of the unknown.

Accessibility Settings – House of Ashes

If you’re not one to go through the settings before starting the story, you might not realize that there are accessibility settings you can enable to make the experience smoother. Accessibility settings aren’t just for disabled players (though that’s a godsend for those); they’re just a great way to make the game more suitable for your playstyle. We at TheGamer really had the opportunity to talk to Supermassive about accessibility in the horror genre.

As a horror game, it’s no surprise that there are so many prompt buttons in the game. Some accessibility settings relate to the difficulty or triggering of these button prompts/quick-time events. For example, regular quick-time events may require you to press different buttons at different times. One accessibility setting causes them all to have the same button.

Better With A Controller

Even if you’re playing House of Ashes on PC, you might consider setting up a remote to use instead of a mouse and keyboard. Sometimes the mouse and keyboard can freeze as you play and you have to awkwardly move through the exploration areas by swiping the mouse around.

While it’s too bad that the exploration areas are not only built a little better, you can get a smoother experience if you just use the controller instead. We recommend trying both early on and getting a feel for what you like before the fast-paced decisions and events become really important.

Secrets And Pictures – House of Ashes

This game has divided collectibles into two categories: Secrets and Pictures.

Secrets are the items you’ll pick up and examine as you roam around in the discovery segments. You will often have to flip them over in your hand to find out what the “secret” is about the object. Once you’ve found it, it will be added to your Secrets menu for you to review at any time, with a brief explanation of what it means. There are a total of 50 Secrets in this game.

Images are always clay tablets from ancient Akkad. They depict characters performing activities, such as sacrificing a goat, as subtle references to the potential outcomes of your decisions. Once you select a Picture, you get what’s called an “omen” – a short clip of a possible future. You will usually have little or no idea what could cause that future; it is meant to help you second guess about your decisions in the future.

About Saving

The horror game tries to immerse you in the experience as seamlessly as possible. In House of Ashes, that means there’s basically no indication when you’re moving between the game’s scenes or when the game is saving. This is great when you are playing because you completely forget that it is a video game, but not so useful when you are trying to exit and you have no idea what progress has been saved.

In general, it’s safest to escape when you’re converting between characters. It indicates that you are switching perspective as their names and depths appear in the lower left of the screen. You can assume that all your decisions with the previous character have been saved at this point. If you absolutely need to leave in the middle of a character’s session, you’ll probably still be fine.