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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: How do CS:GO ranks system work?

CS:GO ranks

CS:GO ranks

One of these features in Counter Strike Global Offensive is the CS:GO Ranks system, which has revolutionized matchmaking. Here’s how the rank system works.

How many ranks are there?

CS:GO has 18 different CS:GO ranks that you’ll go through until you reach the top.

It’s more than obvious that the first few ranks are the easiest to complete. However, as you climb the rank ladder, you will face greater challenges. Going through them isn’t going to be easy, so get ready to invest some serious time in the game.

The first six ranks you must go through are Silver 1 through 4, Silver Elite, and Silver Elite Master. The completion of these six ranks will give you the chance to grind the Gold Nova ranks from Gold Nova 1 to Gold Nova Master.

The first ten ranks may not be a challenge to complete, but the next eight are a different story entirely.

Going from Master Guardian all the way to The Global Elite is going to be a lot more challenging, even if you’re an experienced player.

To do just that, you’ll have to grind through Master Eagle and Supreme Master First Class if you want to enter the top 0.7% of the player base ranked as the Global Elite. It’s not going to be easy, but no one can ever stop you from trying.

A debate about how CS:GO ranks system works

There is still a debate about how this CS:GO ranks system works, but not all of it is covered by a veil of secrecy. CS:GO uses a system called Glicko 2 to analyze the data that will be used to rank the player according to his performance. 

Glicko 2 is the primary method for ranking players in the same groups that will be used later for better matchmaking. The system follows your live matches and analyzes key statistics such as kills, deaths, and assists. It’s the best tool to categorize the player base and separate the pros from the newbies.

The matchmaker will use the ranking system later and match the players accordingly. There are a lot of people who get around the system, either by intentionally playing against those who are worse than them or by using some way to get one’s account ranked higher than it should be. However, it’s still a generally strong system.

The ranking system gives players a reason to stick around and makes a lot of contributions to the game.