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How Long Does It Take To Complete Unpacking?


Unlocking in real life can be stressful and exhausting. Somehow, though, Witch Beam makes unboxing fun in Unpacking. In fact, the developers even made the whole process feel relaxing – but not quite as relaxing as some people think.

Completing The Main Story – Unpacking


The game is not a narrative-focused game. The story of the protagonist’s ever-changing surroundings is not told through lengthy cutscenes. Instead, the title uses a subtle form of storytelling, and the entire story lasts about 3 hours.

However, the exact completion time may vary depending on how fast you unpack all your things. For example, some people took up to 5 hours to play the entire game.

100% Completion Run

As you’d expect, The game isn’t a giant open world or loads of sidebar content. However, one thing you might want to know before starting the game is that the levels contain secret things to find and do. Plus, the game comes with a full set of achievements to earn.

As a result, finishers will take longer with the game than story-focused players. In fact, it can take 4-6 hours to do everything the title suggests.

How Many Levels Are In Unpacking?

Since the game is all about someone unpacking, a lot of different houses appear throughout the story. Each accommodation serves as a separate level, and there are 8 levels in total. Their names are based on the year the main characters moved there. Here they are:

  • 1997 (Level One)
  • 2004 (Level Two)
  • 2007 (Level Three)
  • 2010 (Level Four)
  • 2012 (Level Five)
  • 2013 (Level Six)
  • 2015 (Level Seven)
  • 2018 (Level Eight)

3 Things We Should Know 

Guessing Game

One of the good things about Unpacking is minimal text, which means less reading and more doing. However, the result of this is that there aren’t any labels for the items you pick up, so you’ll sometimes get confused by what the block of pixels you just picked up really is.

This is where the game becomes a light guessing game. Usually, you’ll recognize exactly what you’ve picked up, after all, a computer from the ’90s is pretty hard to spot, but sometimes you won’t be able to tell the difference. At these times, you simply hold the item in your hand and hover over different surfaces, and sometimes the change in angle or position is just enough to tell you what you’re holding.

Meditative And Stressful – unpacking


As you play through the game, you’re sure to get into the rhythm as you get used to the items your character carries with him. The figurines on the nearest shelf, the books arranged by height or type, and many other patterns that you begin to order for yourself, provide a very enjoyable and calming feeling once you have these habits in place.

However, as you get deeper into the game, you will have more and more items that you have to fit into your house, and sometimes you will realize that there is really not enough space for a large number of items. figurines and sketchbooks. you have. You’ll end up encountering some close calls and tense moments where you struggle to figure out exactly where you’ll fit in this complimentary bottle of cleanser, but it adds to the enjoyment. Fun for those who like a bit of a challenge to the game.

Short And Sweet


With an added achievement element in the form of stickers that help you understand more of the game’s plot, you can live the best of both worlds and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your living space become yours. you while watching your character evolve through the 90s and into the 2010s.

At its core, Unpacked is a game consisting of eight house moves of varying sizes and durations, totaling the game’s average playtime of four and a half hours to play from start to finish. However, you’ll most likely want to go back and play through at least one more save to complete your sticker collection and unlock all the achievements in the game.