July 31, 2021


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How To Build Brunhilda In Season 15: Arcana, Rune, How To Play



Brunhilda is an ADC with a very long range so it will be very strong when covered or well protected. Especially with her skill, she just needs to stand outside the tower to destroy the enemy’s buildings quickly and easily. For those who love the position of the Dragon laner, you should consider trying this ad. Although not mobile, thanks to Skill 2, she can increase movement speed by up to 80%. This will give her many advantages when going to the jungle to support her teammates.

Skills increasing order of Brunhilda


Passive: Ballistics

When doing basic attacks, Brunhilda will gain 3% Crit and 8 Attack Damage for 1.5 seconds. Passive stacks up to 5 times.

Skill 1: Redeploy

Automatically increases physical attack, when activated immediately helps slow down running speed. Using Skill 1 while using Skill 3 will cancel Skill 3.

Skill 2: Sentry

Place the mines (visible) in the designated location. Stepping on enemies reveals the vision, slowing and reducing armor, and she immediately gains virtual armor. She accumulates up to 2 mines

Skill 3: Entrench

Brunhilda opened her cannon to fire up to 7 times. The shot range will be further than the tower, the damage spread is terrible. While using the skill, she cannot move, cannot be controlled but can be pulled by Grak or some other heroes.

Skill increasing order from level 1 to 15: 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 2, 2.

Talent and Arcana

  • Talent: Flicker or Punish
  • Arcana: Blitz (10) + Reave (4) + Guerrilla (6) + Skewer (10)

How to build item for Brunhilda

  • For jungle: Scorching Wind + war Boots + Rankbreaker + Devil’s Handshake + Claves Sancti + Blade of Eternity
  • For laning: War Boots + Claves Sancti + Slikk’s Sting + Rankbreaker + Bow of Slaughter + Blade of Eternity

Runes for Brunhilda

  • Veda: Axe of Sacrifice – Holy Verdict – Holy Thunder
  • League of Humans: Reaper’s Blessing
  • League of Humans: Gunslinger

How to play Brunhilda

Early game

This is the time when Brunhilda is not very strong, consider playing deferred with the enemy, teamwork. Using mines placed in the bushes of the enemy jungle to gank like that will not die and poke.

Use skill 1 to explode exactly the moment the enemy is about to approach you. This will improve survivability, and bring many advantages for the team.

Mid and late game

In the mid-game, Brunhilda started to get strong. Let’s go with your teammates to push the lane to get the tower. Set mines wisely in many situations. It can be vision, or armor, slow enemies.

Use your ultimate to force the opponent to lose control. You will take advantage of the team easily.

In the late game, she will be very strong, especially the ultimate, suitable for crushing towers because of its long-range and great damage. The final stage of the game needs to go with your teammates to have great advantages and end the game.

However, a fragile AD, she still needs to be careful with the enemy assassins in the late game. Play safely like other AD or fragile heroes who are restricted from going solo and with teammates.

Brunhilda’s formation is that can force a teamfight in the opposing tower. Even with her enemy tower defending, this girl can still deal tons of damage to the enemy team with her ultimate.