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How To Build D’Arcy In Season 15: Arcana, Rune, How To Play



South of the kingdom of Romain, there stands a majestic magic castle, the longwall curving like a giant dragon. As one of the greatest feats of human history, the Magic Castle has been built for hundreds of years and has experienced countless bloody battles with the evil Abyss tribe. And the hero – the guardian – the founder of the Magic Castle – the legendary magician D’Arcy, has become an existence comparable to the god of salvation.

Skills increasing order of D’Arcy


Passive: Dimensional Force

D’Arcy increases Dimension Force during combat through basic attacks and hits. If you exit the fight, the Dimension Force will quickly decrease.

When Dimension Force reaches its maximum, he is empowered for 8 seconds, restoring 20% ​​of missing mana, and gaining 20% ​​movement speed and boosting his next basic ability.

Skill 1: Dimensional Walk

He enters a high-level dimension for 1.5 seconds, giving himself immunity to crowd control while gaining 20% ​​movement speed and taking a 40/42/44/46/48/50% damage reduction. Your next basic attack within 5 seconds gains attack range and deals 300/370/440/510/580/650 (+0.8 AP) magic damage and slows the target’s movement speed by 60%. Dimensional Walk becomes ineffective the moment he launches a spell or attack.

Maximized Dimension Force enhances: Darcy gains 40% movement speed and restores [10/11/12/13/14/15% missing health + 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+0.3 permission)] health

Skill 2: Dimensional Cube


He spawns a Dimensional Cube at the selected point, which explodes after 1.25 seconds and deals 900/990/1080/1170/1260/1350 (+1.75 spells) magic damage

Max Dimension Force enhances: increases the damage range of the Dimensional Cube while helping him accumulate 10 additional Dimension Forces per unit hit.

Skill 3: Dimensional Portal

D’Arcy creates a Dimension Portal at the selected point, all enemies hit will take 100/150/200 (+0.4 magic damage) magic damage and take the dimension mark. After 2 seconds, all victims under the mark will be forced to return to the Portal and are briefly stunned (cooldown starts now).

Especially within 6 seconds of casting the ability, he can activate again to send himself to the center of the Portal and deal 200/350/500 (+1.0 magic damage) magic damage.

Skills increasing order from level 1 to 15: 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1.

Talent and Arcana

Talent: Punish


  • First option: Violate (10) + Guerrilla (10) + Flurry (10)
  • Second option: Violate (10) + Devour (10) + Flurry (10)

How to build items for D’Arcy

  • First option: Loki’s Curse + Flashy Boots + Boomstick + Hecate’s Diadem + Staff of Nuul + Rhea’s Blessing
  • Second option: Loki’s Curse + Flashy Boots + Boomstick + Spoopy Mask + Hecate’s Diadem + Rhea’s Blessing

Runes of D’Arcy

  • League of Humans: Reaper’s Blessing – Gunslinger – Endless Cycle
  • Lokheim: Raging Inferno
  • Lokheim: Deadly Claw

Combo maximized damage

A simple combo of D’Arcy is Skill 1 which slows by 60% and then sets Skill 2 to poke the enemy in the easiest way.

However, to maximize the damage he inflicts, you must be in the following combo: Skill 1> basic attacks> Skill 1 (empower)> Ultimate> wait 1 second > activate Skill 2> Ultimate second time> Skill 1 ends or retires from combat.