August 4, 2021


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How To Build Elsu In Season 15: Arcana, Rune, How To Play



Elsu is an ADC hero with unique gameplay in Arena of Valor. He is like a sniper soldier who can poke an opponent from a great distance. But to have an accurate shot is not easy for you to use this hero.

Skills increasing order of Elsu


Passive: Stalk

His basic attacks deal 150 + (12.5 per level) + (1.0 attack damage) + (0.8 bonus attack damage) physical damage, however will not critically strike. Instead, for every 1% Crit Elsu possesses, he gains 3 bonus AD.

Passive: When leaving a fight for 5 seconds and standing near cliffs, he will briefly disguise, increasing his movement speed by 16% (+ 1% per level) and becoming faded.

Skill 1: Sentinel

Active: he installs a stationary Falcon device in place to provide vision within 600 to 1000 distance (increased with champion rank). Falcon stations last 300 seconds, can store up to 2, and place up to 3 on the map. While within range of the Falcon, he gains bonus damage per hit to jungle monsters (up to 250), but will be disabled when the enemy champion steps on it.

Passive: Standing in place every second gives him 7/8/9/10/11/12% armor penetration (increases with champion rank), stacking up to 5 times. If he moves, the passive will no longer be refreshed.

Skill 2: Snipe

He aiming for 1050/1200/1350/1500/1650/1800 + (0.4 bonus attack damage) physical damage with a slow movement speed on the first champion hit. He needs to aim for 2 seconds to increase distance and accuracy.

Skill 3: Disengage

Elsu flips backward and immediately shoots forward dealing 500/700/900 + (0.6 Attack) physical damage and slowing the victim’s movement speed by 50%. When landing, he gains 30% movement speed for 2 seconds, but casting or basic attacks will immediately disarm this effect.

Skills increasing order from level 1 to 15: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 2.

Talent and Arcana



Flick: Immediately teleports to the direction indicated by a short span


Atrocity (10) + Guerrilla (5) + Reave (5) + Skewer (10)

How to build items for Elsu

  • First option: War Boots + Fafnir’s Talon + Fenrir’s Tooth + Muramasa + Slikk’s Sting + Bow of Slaughter
  • Second option: Rankbreaker + War Boots + Fenrir’s Tooth + Omni Arms + Fafnir’s Talon + Blade of Eternity

Runes for Elsu

  • League of Humans: Mark of Frost – Gunslinger – Endless Cycle
  • Lokheim: Raging Inferno
  • Lokheim: Deadly Claw

How to play Elsu

Early game

At the beginning of the game, you have many choices for yourself.

You can move quickly across the river and stand in the bushes to be invisible. You should watch carefully and choose the exact time to shoot Skill 1 to steal enemy charms.

Or you can also move to the mid lane, find bushes near the terrain to hide, aim and shoot Skill 1 at the enemy mid laner to poke. Then, move quickly back to your Dragon lane to clear the wave of creeps that are pushing in.

Another option with the safe playing brethren is to grant him the first Falcon skill and place in the grasslands of the river to gain more vision for him.

Mid and late game

At this stage, use Skill 1 of Elsu to clear the wave faster. Remember to stand in line with the wave to hit the most creeps.

You can also use your shots to poke the enemy from a distance. Switch ganks to find opportunities for yourself as well as pressure the opponent.

Towards the late game, you should consider when aiming for Skill 2, flexibly changing to normal shooting to cause damage. Limit aiming when close combat or chaotic combat.