April 14, 2021


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How to Build, Emblems Of Helcurt Mobile Legends in Latest Season



Helcurt is an assassin hero in Mobile Legends. Let’s learn how to play, build, Emblems, skills in the latest season.

Bios of Helcurt


In the historical documents of Mainland Binh Minh, there are many records of a mysterious tribe with great power, each hegemony here for a long time. Legend has it that this clan is blessed by heaven and earth thanks to the extraordinary power that can swallow light in space.

They can also teleport to any location in the blink of an eye. This helps Helcurt suddenly appear next to the opponent and kill him. However, the most beneficial point lies in the toxic drama secreted from the tail. When this poison is attached, the victim will die without any timely treatment.

The bloody slaughter without humanity has pushed this tribe to the brink of destruction. However, there is no document mentioning this cause. Even the fact that they still exist in this world is still questionable. Just know that we don’t see them mentioned in a long time. People are overjoyed, often partying, and playing. But Helcurt had returned silently and was sure to cause terrible terror.

Skills of Helcurt


Passive: Race Advantage

For every 3rd attack will silence the target for 1 second.

Skill 1: Shadow Transition

Helcurt disappears in the blink of an eye and suddenly appears in a target location dealing 150 (+ 70%) physical damage and silencing all nearby victims for 1.5 seconds. After casting your ultimate, the shadow can deal an additional decrease in movement speed for 1.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Mana consumption: 60 MP.      

Skill 2: Deadly Stinger    

The Deadly Stinger skill will actively focus the blade to shoot towards the enemy, dealing 200 (+ 100%) physical damage (for minions and monsters only take 70% damage) and reducing movement speed by 12% Transfer (Can be stacked) within 3 seconds. Passive: Each attack deals 1 more poisonous blade and stacks 5 times over 8 seconds.

Cooldown: 4 seconds.

Mana consumption: 70 MP.       

Skill 3: Dark Night Falls

Ultimate has a passive: 10% increase in attack speed. Active: Helcurt will summon darkness, causing all victims in the affected area to lose sight for 3.5 seconds. Not only that, but you will also gain a 10% attack speed and 65% movement speed for 8 seconds. The opponent will not be able to use this ultimate on him.

Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Mana consumption: 120 MP.

Skills increasing order from level 1 to 15: 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1.

Battle spells and Emblems

Battle spells:

Inspire – Petrify


Assassin Emblem: Bravery – Mastery – Fatal – High and Dry

How to build

  • Jungle: Raptor Machete + Swift Boots + Demon Hunter Sword + Blade of the Heptaseas + Rose Gold Meteor + Blade of Despair
  • Lane: Demon Hunter Sword + Swift Boots + Blade of the Heptaseas + Rose Gold Meteor + Hunter Strike + Blade of Despair
  • Lane: Blade of the Heptaseas + Swift Boots + Demon Hunter Sword + Hunter Strike + Blade of Despair + Malefic Roar