August 4, 2021


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How to build Galio Season 11- Runes Page and Builds

How to build Galio Season 11

Instructions on how to build Galio season 11 guide Mid and the Rune Pages for Galio the most hit items, Sp build full ap the damage of pro faker pro faker’s magic damage in order to increase skill sets, plus summoner spells wake up the latest Galio combo skill in League of Legends.

Rune Pages

Most used Galio Mid

How to build Galio Season 11

Galio Sp

Summoner spells

Flash + Teleport/Heal

Summoner Spell Flash ​​is required in every game for Galio. Not only for running away when ganked, a Flash combined with a wide-area taunt always brings enormous mutation, sometimes reversing a fight.

Teleport: Galio’s gameplay in the second half of the match will be inclined to split push and participate in long-distance combat with Hero’s Entrance (R). Teleport is not only a backup when the ultimate is on a cooldown but also a “lifesaver” for The Colossus when he gets too much poking in the lane and is forced to return early.

Items – How to build Galio Season 11

Starting Items

Doran’s Ring + Health Potion

Starting with Doran’s Rings and Health Potion gives you enough mana and the ability to recover in the early stages.

Core Items

  • For Galio going Mid/Top: Hextech Rocketbelt + Zhonya’s Hourglass + Morellonomicon
  • For Galio going Support: Imperial Mandate + Zeke’s Convergence + Redemption

Optional Items

  • For Galio AP: Luden’s Tempest, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Banshee’s Veil, Liandry’s Anguish, Void Staff
  • For Galio Tank: Randuin’s Omen, Frozen Heart, Dead Man’s Plate, Thornmail, Gargoyle Stoneplate

How to build Galio season 11

How to build Galio Season 11

How to build Galio season 11 full AP going Mid/Top

=> These are the items for Galio full AP standard and most powerful including: Hextech Rocketbelt + Sorcerer’s Shoes + Morellonomicon + Zhonya’s Hourglass + Rabadon’s Deathcap + Void Staff

In case Galio is on the lane with the Mage champion with long arms, poking, strong controls such as Leblanc, Neeko, Zoe .., choose Mercury’s Treads combined with Banshee’s Veil (if necessary).

  • Hextech Rocketbelt + Mercury’s Treads + Zhonya’s Hourglass + Demonic Embrace + Void Staff + Rabadon’s Deathcap

How to build Galio season 11 Sp

Not only is the lane good, but Galio Sp is also very effective, thanks to high resilience combined with many control skills – Galio Sp will make the opponent always be alert and have a lot of difficulties in the laning phase.

Galio pros and cons


  • Too tough to be defeated by mages. Especially effective against the snowball ability of mages who tend to farm more than minions like Leblanc or Akali.
  • Huge control effect on a large scale. Once you have the maximum cooldown reduction stat, Galio will become a machine to control and block annoying attacks.
  • Base damage is much better than other tank champions. Galio can push minions on par with the enemy thanks to Wind of War (Q) that deals extensive damage.
  • The ability to actively initiate fights or break fights with the ultimate Hero’s Entrance has a far-reaching range.


  • Galio’s crowd control abilities are difficult to use effectively
  • There is no skill to escape because being pressed by the enemy makes it difficult to use E to run.