July 28, 2021


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How To Build Hayate In Season 15: Arcana, Rune, How To Play



Hayate is one of the most mobile ADC in Arena of Valor, capable of both running and throwing darts with gameplay that combines nudging and shock damage. He is a good hero at long range and close range. A highly skilled player can solo the lane well with any ADC.

Skills increasing of Hayate


Passive: Blood of Dragon

Basic attacks on target cause a target nearby to take (0.35 Attack Damage) physical damage, in return Hayate deals a 50% reduction in damage to jungle monsters (increasing with champion rank). Especially after 6 attacks (both basic and basic attacks) hit the same target, he will restore 40 energy, and cause attacks within the next 4 seconds to deal 72 (+0.25 attack objects) standard damage to the victim.

Skill 1: Shuriken Toss

He continuously darts forward and gains 10% speed gain during this time; Each dart deals 125/140/155/170/185/200 (+0.25 Attack Damage) physical damage and activates passive. Especially darts can penetrate non-champions, in return, deal 20% less damage after each unit penetrates; minimum 40% reduction. The target of the dart hit helps him restore 10 energy, each dart only recovers once. At 0% / 75% / 150% attack speed he will release 5/7/9 darts.

Skill 2: Shadowstep

He glides in the indicated direction (can cross terrain).

Passive: He gains 10/11/12/13/14/15% damage dealt and 10/12/14/16/18/20% movement speed when an enemy champion is within 5m of himself.

Skill 3: Kunai Blitz

Hayate turns to a selected point while repeatedly throwing darts at nearby enemies, dealing 100/150/200 (+0.25 AD) physical damage and passive activating. At 0% / 75% / 150% attack speed he will launch 10/13/16 attacks.

Skill increasing order from level 1 to 15: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1 , 3, 2, 2, 2.

Talent and Arcana

  • Talent: Flicker or Punish
  • Arcana: Blitz (10) + Reave (4) + Guerrilla (6) + Skewer (10)

How to build items for Hayate

  • For Jungle: Scorching Wind + War Boots + Rankbreaker + Slikk’s Sting + Claves Sancti + Blade of Eternity
  • For laning: War Boots + Fafnir’s Talon + Frost Cape + Slikk’s Sting + Claves Sancti + Blade of Eternity

Runes for Hayate

  • Veda: Axe of Sacrifice – Blessing – Sacred Protection
  • League of Humans: Reaper’s Blessing
  • League of Humans: Gunslinger

How to play Hayate

Early game

In the early game, you should increase Skill 1 first for Hayate to clear creeps. Try to stand in a straight line with the enemy creeps to clear them quickly. This skill can penetrate creeps and only consumes energy so do not regret using it. And you also need to orientate, as well as move in a reasonable way so that the number of darts thrown will hit the opponent. Want to do this well requires you to go through a long period of practice.

Just cleaning up the creeps, paying attention to the time, paying attention to where the enemy jungle hero is to handle it properly. For example, if you find out that the enemy jungler is far away, you can combine skill 1 and skill 2 to poke the enemy. Or use Skill 2 to retreat when detecting nearby enemy jungle hero.

Mid and late game

In the mid-game, when Hayate has 2 items, his cleaning ability has increased significantly, use this as your advantage. After clearing the creeps, you can rob the enemy jungle or support teammates.

Should use his skills to poke the opponent, it will recover very quickly.

Gradually at the late game, the team’s gameplay will focus on Hayate, so you should keep your position properly to deal damage to enemy heroes, as well as launch the most effective ultimate to avoid being defeated. Focus on breaking tower and controlling big targets to finish the game.