July 27, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Build Items For Abaddon In The Support – Tanker Position



Abaddon is a hero with fairly simple but effective gameplay when he can be both a solid tanker and exemplary support in gameplay.

How To Play Abaddon – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Easy to play, easy to win (highest win rate among heroes of Dota2)
  • Cattle are hard to die with Aphotic Shield and Borrowed Time
  • Great long-range support thanks to the Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield
  • Do not depend too much on items to perform your support
  • Effective against teams with multiple hard disable single-target skills


  • Lack of mobility
  • There is no hard disable
  • As a support hero, his short arm makes it easy to bleed when laning

Skills Set For Abaddon


Going along the support line increases the Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield in parallel, but will prioritize maxing Aphotic Shield first to reduce cooldown, increase buff armor, moreover use this skill, Abaddon does not cost as much as Mist Coil. After raising up to 2 skills, the next will be Curse of Avernus to help allies have the ability to accelerate when attacking the objects that he has his head tumbled or used to hold the opponent / Ultimate get right lv

Talent lv10: get extra exp to rush lv quickly because the support version is not farmed, reversed lane constantly, so it should have exp to offset lv rush. (rush B blyat)

  • Talent Lv15: Get increased healing/damage on the Coil Coil towards exemplary support. But 6 armor is also quite good when your team needs to tank
  • Talent lv20: take cooldown reduction to shoot Mist Coil crystals and wrap Aphotic Shield bubbles continuously
  • Talent lv25: Any point can be taken, but Aphotic Shield’s 250 absorb / burst damage sounds imba, and with your support of non-pure full support this point is very strong to cover the team.

How To Play Abaddon

Early game

Abaddon was picked to specialize in those who have terrible disables thanks to the buff from Aphotic Shield so he often goes to dual lane or tri-lane (discourages you to roam, and this hero also has no mother to roam effectively). Your job is to protect the core heroes of the safe farm team.

Sometimes you have plenty of mana, you can pin the opponent’s blood by buffing Aphotic Shield to allied creeps (preferably low-blooded ones). Absolutely not poke the blood with the Mist Coil when you do not have Tranquil boots if you do not want to squeeze yourself. Should prepare the Town portal scroll to be able to reverse lane in time to support allies in the other lane. Do not forget to plug the eyes to ensure visibility

Aphotic Shield is a very powerful skill when it debuffs effectively but the recovery time is not too long, if your allies are disabled, do not hesitate to buff them, especially when allies are sticky yes Sacred arrow of [h mirana] for example

Mid game

Once in this stage, Abaddon has a basic and unique dmg combo as follows: Buff Aphotic Shield for himself, shoot Mist Coil at the enemy target then rush to slash plus enemy counter, you have enough damage to detonate Aphotic Shield, then repeat this combo. If done correctly, you can cause a total of 900 dmg (not including reducing the magic damage of the target) in 2 consecutive use (of course you have to timing Aphotic Shield for the standard). If the support of teammates is more important in the current situation.

When it comes to mid-game, this stage is the stage with other teammates, you start ganking to make space for core heroes to farm important items. You are quite strong with your ultimate so just go ahead and force the opponent to take the vision for the team.

You can fight and cover your teammates very well thanks to the Aphotic Shield and Mist Coil, having the ultimate will ensure you better stir the enemy team.

You can actively activate the ultimate before dangerous skills to avoid the situation when the ultimate activates itself, there is no guy to beat you, trying to force the opponent’s carry and nuker corners, not letting them deal too much damage to your teammates, but the initiator block is not very feasible because most of them go to Blink dagger and hide for the opportunity, furthermore, you do not have any hard disables to stop them, if there is a small chance, please deal damage to them to interrupt Blink dagger.

Late game

At this stage you already have a lot of items, so Abaddon’s job is the same as in the middle of the game, but you will be more confident because of the toys you have bought during the game.