July 31, 2021


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How to build Jarvan Season 11 – Runes Page and Builds

How to build Jarvan season 11

How to build Jarvan season 11

Instructions on how to build Jarvan season 11 guide to the jungle and the rune pages for J4 the most powerful equipment, top build full damage of pro players order to increase the skill set, plus summoner spells support skills Jarvan IV’s latest counter combo in League of Legends.

Rune Pages

Most used Jarvan Jungle

Jarvan Top

Summoner Spells

Flash + Smite/Teleport

Jarvan IV is a Fighter champion that always has high stability and creates a lot of mutations in single gank situations as well as in teamfights with extremely maneuverability from his skill set. Not only often appears a lot in the jungle position, with the gameplay of extremely powerful full-force gear, J4 is also effective when going to Top.

Flash + Smite will be indispensable summoner spells for Jarvan IV, Teleport will use when J4 going top.

Items – How to build Jarvan Season 11

Starting Items

For Jarvan Jungle: Emberknife + Refillable Potion/Hailblade

Emberknife and Refillable Potion are two of the most popular starter items for Jarvan IV.

For Jarvan Top: Corrupting Potion


Plated Steelcaps > Mercury’s Treads > Mobility Boots

Since you need to dive into the enemy squad a lot, use Plated Steelcaps or Mercury’s Treads so that Jarvan IV can withstand better.

Core Items

  • For Jarvan Jungle: Sunfire Aegis + Black Cleaver + Gargoyle Stoneplate
  • For Jarvan Top/Mid: Goredrinker + Black Cleaver + Sterak’s Gage

Jarvan IV has two main ways of playing that are used a lot:

  • Jarvan Lethality: this is the playstyle that is used quite commonly for both Jarvan to the jungle and to the Top, because of its ability to deal damage and catch damage as well as strong fighting, the ability to snowball the game is extremely high.
  • Jarvan tank: This gameplay will turn Jarvan IV into a true tanker, extremely tough and will be a source of damage resistance as well as opening the team’s main combat.

Optional Items

  • For Damage: Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Maw of Malmortius, Edge of Night, Ravenous Hydra, Trinity Force
  • For tank: Randuin’s Omen, Spirit Visage, Dead Man’s Plate, Thornmail, Gargoyle Stoneplate

How to build Jarvan season 11

How to build Jarvan season 11 Jungle

Black Cleaver + Youmuu’s Ghostblade: the perfect items when combined with Duskblade of Draktharr, increasing the ability to stack Oneshot very strong, and also adding cooldowns so that Jarvan IV can use more combos.

Guardian Angel: is an indispensable item for this assassin-style Jarvan IV, because he always has to dive deep into the fight to control the damage as well as capture, passive resurrection from Guardian Angel will undertake more secure for Jarvan during the strong attacks between the enemy team.

If your opponent has a lot of AP or powerful CC, choose Mercury’s Treads with Maw of Malmortius or Edge of Night.

=> This is how to build Jarvan Jungle in the most powerful way

  • Eclipse + Mobility Boots + Black Cleaver + Youmuu’s Ghostblade + Edge of Night + Guardian Angel

In addition, you can also choose Tiamat (to increase the ability to clear jungle monsters faster, have more time to roam to gank support for teammates) then upgrade to Ravenous Hydra or Titanic Hydra. It also brings a great deal of damage and recovery to J4 as well.

Duskblade of Drakkthar + Plated Steelcaps + Youmuu’s Ghostblade + Edge of Night + Guardian Angel + Ravenous Hydra

Or on j4 Fighter build: just dame + resisting => this is the most used way and also brings efficiency and high win rate.

  • Goredrinker  + Plated Steelcaps + Black Cleaver + Gargoyle Stoneplate + Sterak’s Gage + Guardian Angel
  • How to build Jarvan jungle full tank: Sunfire Aegis + Mercury’s Treads + Black Cleaver + Gargoyle Stoneplate + Randuin’s omen + Thornmail

How to build Jarvan season 11 top / mid

  • Eclipse + Mobility Boots + Black Cleaver + Youmuu’s Ghostblade + Edge of Night + Guardian Angel