July 28, 2021


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How to build Jinx Season 11 – Runes Page and Builds

How to build Jinx season 11

How to build Jinx season 11

Instructions on how to build Jinx season 11 guide AD and Rune Pages for Jinx the most powerful items, top build full damage of pro players in order to increase skill sets, summoner spells for skill combo skills Jinx the latest counter in League of Legends.

Rune Pages

Most used Jinx AD

Jinx – hit&run

Summoner spells

Flash + Heal/ Barrier

Jinx is one of the most popular AD champions, although he has low mobility and is quite weak in the early game, at the end of the game with full items, only need to activate the internal At Eager with the Q shoots she will become a Super Gunner with a huge amount of damage.

Flash + Heal are necessary summoner spells during laning and fighting phases, which will help Jinx increase survivability and deal more damage.

Items – How to build Jinx Season 11

Starting Items

Doran’s Blade + Health Potion

Doran’s Blade and Health Potion: is the starting item for Jinx to have both damage and regeneration.


Berserker’s Greaves > Plated Steelcaps > Mercury’s Treads

At first, Jinx needed attack speed so Berserker’s Greaves would be the first choice, this is also a common item for most ADCs.

Core Items

  • Kraken Slayer + Runaan’s Hurricane + Infinity Edge
  • Or: Galeforce + Runaan’s Hurricane + Infinity Edge

Galeforce: Since its appearance, it has become a pretty hot item for AD champions, with damage + attack speed + crit => an item that cannot be ignored by Jinx and should be up as soon as possible.

Runaan’s Hurricane: An excellent item combined with the Q grenade launcher, it helps Jinx accumulate Q points extremely quickly and deal massive damage in her extremely terrible fights.

Infinity Edge: the most powerful equipment for marksmen and Jinx, too, is definitely a must.

Rapid Firecannon: With long-range + attack speed + crit + movement speed, it will be essential for Jinx to the late game especially in teamfights, so she can choose a good position to deal maximum damage to the enemy team.

Optional Items

Bloodthirster, Mercurial Scimitar, Guardian Angel, Mortal Reminder, Stormrazor

How to build Jinx season 11

How to build Jinx season 11 AD

Final item: Bloodthirster both increases the damage and helps Jinx recover well when being poked by the opponent.

This is the strongest full set of Jinx AD items, just need a teammate and Sp to protect and you keep a good position in the fighting, Jinx alone can shoot the whole team.

  • Kraken Slayer + Berserker’s Greaves + Runaan’s Hurricane + Infinity Edge + Rapid Firecannon + Guardian Angel
  • Or: Kraken Slayer + Berserker’s Greaves + Runaan’s Hurricane + Rapid Firecannon + Infinity Edge + Bloodthirster

If your opponent has multiple crowd control effects, choose: Quicksilver Sash for Jinx at 4th or 5th place, then up to Mercurial Scimitar.

When the enemy team has many tough tankers, good recovery like Sion, Cho’gath, Zac … Mortal Reminder will be the item you should consider for Jinx, so that her shots become more powerful.

If the enemy has many assassins such as: Zed, Talon … capable of damaging strong damage or you encounter difficult matches, Guardian Angel is a great choice to ensure the safety of her, to be able to fire in Combat.

This is how to build Jinx season 11 when the opponent team has a tanker

  • Kraken Slayer + Berserker’s Greaves + Runaan’s Hurricane + Infinity Edge + Rapid Firecannon + Mortal Reminder