July 28, 2021


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How To Build Mganga In Season 15: Arcana, Rune, How To Play



Mganga is the only mage in the Arena of Valor who can kill opponents with her poison. He possesses the intrinsic Black Magic that allows him to store the Magic Seals after each attack by a basic attack or skill.

Sorcerer Seal will deal massive damage to enemies marked on his head. In addition, he also has the ultimate ability of Poison to detonate the entire mark, dealing a huge amount of damage.

Skills increasing order of Mganga


Passive: Voodoo

Basic attacks and abilities have a poison effect that deals 25 + (0.05 magic power) magic damage and stacks 1 Sorcerer Seal, up to 5 seals, and deals 5 damage.

Skill 1: Toxic

Mganga creates a poisonous smoke at the target area for 4 seconds. The smoke gradually spreads, dealing 60/66/72/78/84/90 (+0.16 magic damage) magic damage with a 30% movement speed slow effect for 2 seconds. Every 12-9 seconds, he will store 1 more poison potion (varies by% of cooldown, up to 2 vials).

Skill 2: Fortunate Gift

He launches evil objects in a target direction, dealing 90/103/116/129/142/155 (+0.40 magic damage) magic damage to enemies hit, and healing himself for a set amount of health. If the target is an allied champion, they will be imaged to help heal.

Skill 3: Detonation

Mganga detonates all nearby markers, dealing 120/180/240 (+0.65 magic damage) magic damage to enemies and restoring 120/120/120 + (0.24 spells) health to allied champions. Each stack of stacks deals 120 (+0.32 spells) bonus magic damage and increases the healing effect by 50%.

Skills incresing order from level 1 to 15: 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1.

Talent and Arcana



  • Flicker: Instantly teleports to the direction indicated by a short span.
  • Sprint: 30% faster movement speed for 10 seconds.


Violate (10) + Guerrilla (10) + Flurry (10)

Runes for Mganga

  • Veda: Mana Refill – Holy Verdict – Sacred Protection
  • League of Humans: Mark of Frost
  • League of Humans: Gunslinger

How to build items for Mganga

Gilded Greaves + Frosty’s Revenge + Tome of the Reaper + Berith’s Agony + Arctic Orb + Hecate’s Diadem

How to play Mganga

Early game

At the beginning of the game, Mganga should focus on farming is the most important thing. After clearing the soldiers, you can move to the sides to help your teammates push the lane or you can also go to steal the small monster next to the middle lane of the enemy jungle to increase your own experience level 4 fastest.

Mid and late game

From the middle of the game, when there are 3 or more items, the power of Mganga will become superior. You should still maintain the cleaning of the defense troops as well as actively move to support teammates on both sides.

Gradually towards the end of the game, you limited going alone. From there create a premise to end the game and win.

In the fighting phase, you should choose to stand outside and discharge damage back into the fight. When you see an enemy hero has 5 marks, activate your ultimate to increase the amount of damage dealt. At the same time, restore a portion of health to nearby allies.