July 27, 2021


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How to build Ornn Season 11 – Runes Page and Builds

How to build Ornn Season 11

Instructions on how to build Ornn season 11 guide Top tank and raise Ornn’s rune pages to recombine the most powerful solo item, sp build full damage of pro players in order to increase skill sets, summoner spells supplement the newest Ornn combo skill in League of Legends.

Rune Pages – How to build Ornn Season 11

Most used Ornn Top

Ornn Top – Poking

How to build Ornn Season 11

Summoner Spells

Flash + Teleport

Flash + Teleport: 2 default Top / Mid summoner spells and Ornn’s. Flash + Ignite: 2 spells for Ornn Sp.

Items – How to build Ornn Season 11

Starting Items

Doran’s Shield + Health Potion

As a Top champion with tanker build style, Doran’s Ring and Health Potion are two good starting items for Ornn.


Plated Steelcaps > Mercury’s Treads > Mobility Boots

Mercury’s Treads: is a good choice if you go on the road with a champion with high magic damage or crowd control effect, but don’t just choose Plated Steelcaps.

Core Items

Sunfire Aegis + Thornmail + Randuin’s Omen

Optional Items

Abyssal Mask, Frozen Heart, Randuin’s Omen, Gargoyle Stoneplate, Knight’s Vow, Thornmail, Spirit Visage, Warmog’s Armor

How to build Ornn season 11

How to build Ornn season 11 Top

=> This is a full set of Ornn’s items for going Top standard and the most powerful including: Sunfire Aegis + Abyssal Mask + Warmog’s Armor + Randuin’s Omen.

In case Ornn has to face champions with strong physical damage like Jayce, Yasuo .., or the enemy team is stronger: Thornmail will be an extremely suitable item for Ornn to limit the aggression of them.

  • Sunfire Aegis + Mercury’s Treads + Thornmail + Abyssal Mask + Gargoyle Stoneplate + Randuin’s Omen

Ornn Mid – if you want to increase your lane, kill minions quickly, especially in situations where Ornn’s 1vs1 attack is exchanged, this is how to build Ornn season 11 that will be extremely useful and cannot be ignored.

  • Sunfire Aegis + Mercury’s Treads + Abyssal Mask + Thornmail + Warmog’s Armor + Randuin’s Omen

How to play Ornn

How to build Ornn Season 11

If you are a newbie or don’t have much experience, just leave these items at the end or near the end, when you have 6 items ready, or when you have enough and excess money. Getting it up early is not going to benefit your future development, because you simply need to buy the most things and gain power as quickly as possible in the early stages.

Ornn pros and cons


  • Ornn is a champion with a pretty strong crowd control skill set.
  • Quality tanker champion, tough and difficult to die
  • Ability to pillar, farm well, push lane pretty fast.
  • Has the most special passive in League of Legends, you can buy anything anywhere.
  • Ability to support very good teammates, each position in the team can upgrade more power for 1 item
  • Ability to open fights and force very strong fights thanks to the ultimate.


  • Ornn is a pretty comprehensive top laner, with only a bit of poor mobility.

Skills raising order

From level 1 to 18: W, Q, E, W, W, R, W, Q, W, Q, R, Q, Q, E, E, R, E, E.

Bellows Breath (W): This is Ornn’s main and important source of damage, so maxing out first. Volcanic Rupture (Q): A skill that controls, slows and deals damage in a straight line, maxing 2nd max. initial, then last lift. Ornn’s ultimate Caal of the Forge God (R) increases with level.