July 31, 2021


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How to build Pantheon Season 11 – Runes Page and Builds

How to build Pantheon Season 11

Instructions on how to build Pantheon season 11 guide Top reworked and Rune pages for Pantheon equipped with the strongest solo attack, mid jungle build full damage of pro players order to increase the skill rework function, summoner spells for the latest Pantheon combo skills in League of Legends.

Rune Pages

Patheon Sp

How to build Pantheon Season 11

Patheon Jungle

Summoner Spells

Flash + Ignite/Teleport

Flash + Ignite: quite suitable for Pantheon’s aggressive gameplay because Pantheon’s ultimate is also almost a teleport. Smite used for Pantheon Jungle.

Items – How to build Pantheon Season 11

Starting Items

  • For Pantheon Top – Mid: Corrupting Potion
  • For Pantheon Jungle: Hailblade + Refillable Potion


Plated Steelcaps > Mobility Boots > Mercury’s Treads

Core Items

  • For Pantheon Sp: Eclipse + Umbral Glaive + Guardian Angel
  • For Pantheon Top – Mid: Eclipse + Black Cleaver + Sterak’s Gage
  • For Pantheon Jungle: Eclipse + Black Cleaver + Death Dance

Optional Items

Duskblade of Draktharr, Chempunk Chainsword, Edge of Night, Spirit Visage

How to build Pantheon season 11

How to build Pantheon season 11 Sp

Extremely strong in the early game, Pantheon holds Ignite => very easy to get First Blood – the first victory.

  • Eclipse + Mobility Boots + Umbral Glaive + Guardian Angel + Death Dance + Chempunk Chainsword

Or if you meet a mage Sp or an enemy team with strong AP champions.

  • Eclipse + Mercury’s Treads + Umbral Glaive + Edge of Night + Guardian Angel + Chempunk Chainsword

How to build Pantheon season 11 Mid – Top

=> This is Pantheon’s standard and most powerful full-lethality equipment set including: Youmuu’s Ghostblade + Duskblade of Draktharr + Black Cleaver + Guardian Angel + Edge of Night.

  • Eclipse + Plated Steelcaps + Youmuu’s Ghostblade + Black Cleaver + Edge of Night + Guardian Angel

Pantheon Fighter build – damage + resist => both capable of causing strong control damage and resisting well. In the case of Pantheon going Mid confronted AP mage champions, or many control skills => choose Mercury’s Treads:

  • Eclipse + Mercury’s Treads + Black Cleaver + Sterak’s Gage + Death Dance + Guardian Angel

How to build Pantheon season 11 Jungle

How to build Pantheon Season 11

Pantheon going Jungle is also full of Lethality, just to level 3, gank and stun correctly is very easy to have that life.

  • Eclipse + Mobility Boots + Black Cleaver + Death Dance + Guardian Angel + Sterak’s Gage

Pantheon pros and cons


  • Tough from basic stats as well as skills
  • Good resistance
  • Many hard controls
  • Good combats open
  • Good at putting pressure


  • Overpowered by some generals
  • Less able to protect the gunner
  • The early match was quite weak
  • No escape skills
  • Easy to fly kites
  • The gameplay is quite reckless.

Skills raising order

From level 1 to 18: Q, W, E, Q, Q, R, Q, E, Q, E, R, E, E, W, W, R, W, W.

Comet Spear (Q): Maximize if you feel you can crush the enemy, poke them up and finally release the finish combo. Aegis Assault (E): Max can be raised first if the enemy is a tanker. Now that the texture is no longer working, you can switch to the tactic of squeezing troops into turrets. Shield Vault (W): Raising on the right level, this skill is only stunned. It will be very powerful if you cast magic (if not). Grand

Starfall: Just like the Shield Vault, raised according to the right level, very strong if you increase magic.