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How to build Samira Season 11 – Runes Page and Builds

How to build Samira Season 11

Instructions on how to build Samira season 11 guide AD assassin and rune pages for Samira reassemble the most powerful solo items, top build Samira full damage of pro masters order to increase skill sets – The Desert Roses, plus summoner spells for the latest Samira combo skills in League of Legends.

Rune Pages – How to build Samira Season 11

Samira AD

Samira Carry

How to build Samira Season 11

Summoner Spells

Flash + Heal

Samira – ADC with an attack-oriented hash style that can connect skills to create cool combos that are extremely effective.

Items – How to build Samira Season 11

Starting Items

Doran’s Blade + Health Potion/Doran’s Shield


Berserker’s Greaves > Plated Steelcaps > Mercury’s Treads

Core Items

Immortal Shieldbow + The Collector + Infinity Edge

Optional Items

Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, Mortal Reminder, Mercurial Scimitar

How to build Samira season 11

How to build Samira season 11 AD

=> This is how to build Samira season 11 AD in the most powerful and standard way.

  • Immortal Shieldbow + Berserker’s Greaves + The Collector + Infinity Edge + Bloodthirster + Guardian Angel
  • Or: Immortal Shieldbow + Berserker’s Greaves + The Collector + Bloodthirster + Infinity Edge + Mortal Reminder

How to play Samira

In the game Samira the ADC is able to use both Gun and Sword with a cool fighting style, Samira likes to find the thrills of teamfights, without fear and accepting all dangers.

Despite being an AD, Samira can attack extremely flexibly thanks to the weapon set with him. She can attack both long-range and melee skillfully, and at the same time, she doesn’t get bored of the bullets that attack her, when she just needs to rotate the Sword around her, they will disappear.

During the laning phase, she will crush her opponents with the skills of navigation and make them play the way she wants.

Fighting is the moment for Samira to shine => become Stylish when combining attacks and attacks.

How to build Samira Season 11

Inferno Trigger can interrupt Blade Whirl => so when you see your distance, press W to quickly get ultimate Style points and activate your ultimate to clear the battlefield.

Not only that, but Samira also possesses amazing mobility with his surfing – Wild Rush (E) => it will allow this thrilling Gunner the ability to choose locations as well as approach targets, perfect retreat in fights.

With medium attack range, so choosing the right time to fight is the most important thing for Samira.

Samira is most powerful in teamfights and perfectly fires her ultimate.

Samira pros and cons


  • The most notable point is the rating system Style level of Samira, each time using the skill hit the target, this mechanism will gradually increase points from E => S level.
  • Samira is a champion with fast + dangerous gameplay.
  • The ability to attack near + far is quite versatile.
  • Samira possesses strong mixed damage both: AP and STVL
  • Maneuverability in both teamfights and high lanes, and adds crowd control effects with allies.
  • Is an extremely powerful AD champion in total teamfights.


  • The ultimate requires enough Style (S) points to activate.
  • Requires players to have good skills, in and out of fighting reasonably.