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How to build Urgot Season 11 – Runes Page and Builds

How to build Urgot season 11

How to build Urgot season 11

Urgot rune pages, summoner spells, skills raising order and how to build Urgot season 11, Items to play Urgot to build new powerful boosters.

Rune Pages – How to build Urgot Season 11

Urgot Top

Summoner Spells

Flash + Teleport

Urgot after a new overhaul of the skill set as well as the image with the new Finishing mechanism first appeared in League of Legends. The Dreadnought becomes the Solo Top lane king and is heavily used in ranking and professional tournaments.

Flash ​​and Teleport are indispensable summoner spells for Urgot topping.

Item – How to build Urgot season 11

Starting Items

Doran’s Blade + Health Potion

Core Items 

For Urgot Top – Mid: Stridebreaker + Titanic Hydra + Sterak’s Gage

Must-have items for Urgot to combine with the Purge skill, which will quickly accumulate stacks, while also increasing Urgot’s movement speed and cooldown reduction.

Optional Items

Death Dance, Black Cleaver, Thornmail, Randuin’s Omen, Gargoyle Stoneplate

How to build Urgot season 11

How to build Urgot season 11 Top

Urgot is quite cumbersome and a bit slow, so Stridebreaker is a very suitable item, increasing resistance while helping Urgot become more mobile in the fighting phase, as well as chasing target in the laning phase.

As a tanker for the team, often rushes in to open fights, helping to increase health and minimize the amount of damage Urgot must take. If you have to deal with powerful mage champions, and lots of dumb effects, the Mercury’s Treads will be quite necessary.

=> This is how to build Urgot season 11 in the most powerful and standard way.

  • Stridebreaker + Mercury’s Treads + Titanic Hydra + Sterak’s Gage + Death Dance + Chempunk Chainsword

In the case of facing champions with strong Physical Damage or ADC champions: Thornmail is a reasonable choice => to limit their strength in fighting.

  • Stridebreaker + Plated Steelcaps + Black Cleaver + Titanic Hydra + Sterak’s Gage + Thornmail

Urgot pros and cons


  • The laning ability is extremely strong, attacking champions well defending.
  • Without too much damage gear, tanking is still very powerful – both acting as a tank and as a dealing damage tank.
  • The last move is capable of countering some very good generals such as Kindred


  • Urgot has minimal recovery during the laning phase
  • Movement speed slightly slow, easy to be ganked by Enemy Jungle.
  • Need some teammates to combine with Urgot to be highly effective.

Skill Raising Order

From level 1 to 18: Q, E, W, W, W, W, R, W, Q, W, Q, R, Q, Q, E, E, R, E, E.

Corrosive Charge (Q) is Urgot’s main damage skill that maxes first and also increases his ability to quickly clear minions. Next will add up to Purge (W) to increase the damage and armor for Urgot. Disdain (E) skill only needs to add 1 point at level 3 to be able to stun the target. The ultimate Fear Beyond Death increases according to Urgot’s level.

Passive – Echoing Flames

Urgot’s one-legged attack will cause that leg to spit fire, dealing physical damage in a cone and being unable to continue firing for a while. Blasting a fire that hits consecutively for a few seconds will deal less damage on subsequent hits.