August 3, 2021


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How To Build Veera In Season 15: Arcana, Rune, How To Play



Veera is one of the heroes given free to players after 3 days of playing Arena of Valor. As an early hero, she gradually received less choice from players when climbing ranks or competing in normal matches, instead of the more “hot pick” heroes such as Murad, Nakroth, Veres, Yena, Paine, … However, it is not for that reason that we can despise her incredible power. Just one combo is able to finish enemy thanks to possessing a set of skills capable of stunning, having a large amount of damage. That is even more evident when she has enough items.

Skills increasing order for Veera


Passive: Come Hither

Targets damaged by abilities lose magic armor up to 3 times stacks. 30 ~ 72 magic armor reduction each time (increases with hero level).

Every time Veera kills or subjugates a champion, she gets a 25% reduction in all ability cooldowns.

Skill 1: Hell Bat

She throws a Hell Bat dealing 575/625/675/725/775/825 (+ 1.15 spells) magic damage

Skill 2: Mesmerize

Her kiss damages enemies with 285/320/355/390/425/460 (+0.7 spells) magic damage, and stuns the target for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 3: Inferno Bats

Veera summons up to 5 Little Bats to attack nearby enemies. Each Little Bat deals 325/405/485 (+0.75 magic damage) magic damage. If Little Bat attacks the same target, the second attack onwards only deals 50% damage

Skills increasing order from level 1 to 15: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 2.

Talent and Arcana



  • Flicker: Immediately teleports to the direction indicated by a short span.
  • Sprint: 30% faster movement speed for 10 seconds.


Enlightened (10) + Devour (10) + Focus (10)

How to items for Veera

  • First option: Phoenix Tear + Flashy Boots + Hecate’s Diadem + Rhea’s Blessing + Staff of Nuul + Boomstick
  • Second option: Phoenix Tear + Hermes’ Select + Boomstick + Evil Secrets + Hecate’s Diadem + Rhea’s Blessing

Runes for Veera

  • Lokheim: Raging Inferno – Deadly Claw – Devil’s Awakening
  • Veda: Mana Refill
  • League of Humans: Arcane Whisper

How to play Veera

Early game

In the early game, you should give Veera Skill 1, this is a skill that has a large amount of damage as well as increases the ability to clear creeps in the fastest way.

If you finish clearing the creeps before the enemy hero, you can use your time to steal the enemy jungle, move to support the flanks. Or move in the same direction as the enemy hero to promptly support your teammates when “capsized”. She is a less mobile hero, so when you move, you need to pay attention to the map or bushes, it is likely that the enemy hero is hiding in bushes waiting for you to move to kill. You can move around in the jungle, avoid moving on the river to ensure absolute safety.

Mid and late game

When Veera has 2 items, it is when she starts to have a voice in teamfights as well as catching. At this time, with a large amount of damage, the ability to shock damage and cooldown is significantly reduced, so you should take advantage of these things to poke the opponent, then put the combo to finish off the opponent.

Please calculate and use Skill 2 reasonably because this is an important move that helps her easily neutralize enemies and withdraw safely.

At the end of the game, when Veera is fully equipped, a combo of her can finish ADCs, Mages of the enemy’s team.