July 30, 2021


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How To Build Veres In Season 15: Arcana, Rune, How To Play



Veres is the 80th Hero of Arena of Valor that possesses a skill set capable of Heal, stun, and constantly molt, making changing opponents always have to be wary when confronted.

Skills increasing order of Veres


Passive: Bloody Kiss

Basic attacks on target help Veres accumulate 1 point of passive Bloody Kiss; upon reaching 4 charges, she will cast the Bloody Kiss to attack all nearby enemies, dealing 320 + (30 per level) (+1.5 Attack Damage) physical damage; If an enemy hero is hit, she restores 10% of the damage dealt (the lower the health, the higher the lifesteal rate up to 100%).

In particular, she also gets 1 second of Bloody Fangs & Serpent’s Embrace cooldown, and 2 seconds of Chain Kill cooldown. And yet, during the launch of Venom, she can freely move, and also gains 35% resistance to effects.

Skill 1: Bloody Fangs

She splits the chain into two strands to attack an enemy dealing 130/180/230/280/330/380 (+0.6 Attack Damage) physical damage. The unfortunate victim who hits both chains will be stunned for 1 second.

And yet, chaining the enemy hero to help her receive a charge of Bloody Kiss.

Skill 2: Serpent’s Embrace

She launches a chain to attack an enemy dealing 85/120/155/190/225/260 (+0.4 Attack Attack) physical damage. Especially chains will repel enemies if they are near her, or pull them forward if they are far away from her; in both cases, the victim will be shocked immediately after.

And yet, chaining the enemy hero to help her receive a charge of Blood Kiss.

Skill 3: Venom

Veres leaps forward and summons a multitude of chains rising from the ground to attack enemies in the affected area, dealing 300/450/600 + 12/16/20% (+ 1% per 100 Attack Damage) health. loss of standard damage target

Hitting an enemy champion helps her enter Bloody state: 30/45/60% attack speed, 150/250/350 attack, 15/25/35% armor penetration for 4 seconds (if the enemy champion ends will increase to 10 seconds). During this time if the activity is active unleashes Blood Kiss and hits an enemy hero, it grants 2 seconds of Bloody stage.

Skills increasing order from level 1 to 18: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 2.

Talent and Arcana


Talent: Sprint


Onslaught (10) + Guerrilla (10) + Skewer (10)

How to build items for Veres

  • First option: Gilded Greaves + Knight’s Plate + Rankbreaker + Frost Cape + Medallion of Troy + Blade of Eternity
  • Second option: Gilded Greaves + The Aegis + Muramasa + Gaia’s Standard + Mail of Pain + Blade of Eternity

Runes for Veres

  • Lokheim: Devourer – Deadly Claw – Desperate duel
  • League of Humans: Reaper’s Blessing
  • Veda: Sacred Bead

How to play Veres

Early game

At the beginning of the game, increase Skill 1 for Veres first and move to hide in the bushes closest to the creeps to attack when the creeps just leave the tower. You should try to level 2 early to launch your attack skills to accumulate your passive.

Once you are done cleaning up the creeps, try to control the light bird to gain more visibility for your team. Save your skills to stack light bird finish damage when your opponent attempts to steal.

If the mid laner or the jungler moves to assist, then you should lure the opponent to successfully catch. Then proceed to attack to get towers or steal the enemy’s jungle.

Mid and late game

At this stage, Veres will be extremely strong thanks to the number of items she has and the passive has the ability to heal when attacking the enemy.

If in the early game, you have an advantage over the opponent, then in this stage you can split one lane, if the opponent loses, the teammates elsewhere can organize the fight.

At the end of the game, she proactively hides in the bushes, waiting for the opponent to move oddly to make an advantage over the enemy attacker or big targets.