April 22, 2021


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How to build Zip Season 11 – Arcana and how to Play Latest Zip



Instructions of build, Arcana, and order to increase the skillset for Zip Arena of Valor. He is a super troll hero with the ability to button jungle monsters, soldiers and teammates are extremely powerful, in addition, he also has the ability to stun extremely uncomfortable. Let’s learn more about him through the following article.

Skills of Zip


Passive: Zip Bloat

Zip transforms large and gains 30% immunity and every second deals 120 magic damage to enemies in range, each level up increases 10 damage (damage to minions and jungle monsters is doubled).

Skill 1: Zip Hex

He chants a spell, dealing 350/420/490/560/630/700 (+0.5 magic damage) magic damage to the target and stunning for 0.75 seconds. Then the magic spell continued to find and lock nearby enemy champions. If there is no nearby target, the main target will have a 90% movement speed reduction for 1.5 seconds.

Successfully locking a target other than a spell will deal 75/90/105/120/135/150 (+0.2 spells) magic damage every 0.5 seconds against the first target, lasting up to 4 seconds. During this time, if the target is hit, it will also transmit the other 60% magic damage

When the distance between the two targets is too far, the spell will break and stun both of them for 0.75 seconds. During the spell of the spell, his basic attacks deal 200/280/360/440/520/600 (+0.25 magic damage) bonus magic damage.

Skill 2: Zip Angry


He opened his mouth to dimensional space. After 1 second, suck allies and nearby jungle monsters into the abdomen for 4 seconds. Allies in the area of ​​the effect receive 400/480/560/640/720/800 (+0.4 spells) shield, 30% immunity, and every time he sucks 1 target will be restored 200/240/280 / 320/360/400 (+0.4 spells) health.

At this time, all damage he takes will transmit 50% to the shield of an ally. During the smoking process, he is immune to control and continuously inflicts damage on enemy soldiers. If stopped half sucking, this cooldown will greatly reduce.

Skill 3: Zip Roll

Zip transforms into a ball of meat, maximizes movement speed, and is exempt from crowd control and rolls in the specified direction for 6 seconds. While rolling he deals 450/520/590 (+0.60) magic damage to enemies on the roll and knocks out for 1 second. In the end, slow down enemy movement around 50% for 3 seconds. If you roll against the wall, you will roll back and speed up. Activating one more time will stop rolling, the cooldown is calculated by rolling time.

Talent and Arcana for Zip

Talent: Flicker or Heal

Arcana: Indomitable (10) + Benevolence (10) + Valiance (10)

How to build items

  • Support Zip: Gilded Greaves + Ring of the Fiend + Mantle of Ra + Gaia’s Standard + The Aegis + Frost Cape
  • Warrior Zip: Hermes’ Select + Frost Cape + Hyoga’s Edge + Mail of Pain + Shield of Lost + Gaia’s Standard


  • Afata: River Treader – Natural gift – Nature rage
  • Human: Arcane whisper
  • Lockheim: Devourer

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