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How To Defeat Halflight Dark Souls 3

How To Defeat Halflight Dark Souls 3

How To Defeat Halflight Dark Souls 3

How To Defeat Halflight Dark Souls 3 who is a boss who can be very annoying owing to his PvP like tactics. However, here are some strategies for putting him in his place.

The battle against Halflight, the last Spears of the Church to remain in the Ringed City, is more complicated than it appears. Halflight is only the boss who appears when the player is not online. 

The giant summons a player from another world who has joined the Covenant of the Spears of the Church or someone who wishes to invade and slay a host. It is the only boss fight in the game where another player is designed to be a boss, though this gimmick has previously been seen in Demon’s Souls’ Old Monk boss fight.

Defeat Halflight Dark Souls 3: Use Frost Weapon

Frost is a status ailment that both Halflight and the church guardians are vulnerable to. Because Halflight is human in form and movement, players can use the same types of attacks against them that they would in PvP, but be cautious because they are fighting AI and not humans, so their reaction times will be machine like.

Any frost weapon will be helpful in this fight, but the faster ones will allow players to not only trade blows with foes more effectively, but also increase one’s opportunities of evading attacks. Stay close to Halflight while continuously circling them to make dodging his attacks easier and to close distance when necessary.

Repeatedly Parry 

How To Defeat Halflight Dark Souls 3 will occasionally try to parry the player, so don’t just spam light attacks unless you want to be riposted. Halflight, on the other hand, can be parried by the Ashen One to give him a taste of his own medicine. 

If this is the strategy you want to employ, make sure to equip a small shield in the offhand due to their larger parry timing windows and a weapon with high critical hit damage in the main hand for ravaging ripostes. Equipping the Hornet Ring would also be a good idea to increase critical damage.

Defeat Halflight Dark Souls 3: Tank Attacks

Halflight Darksouls 3 employs a wide range of damage types, including slash, thrust, dark, magic, and lighting, as well as the ability to cause bleed buildup with his Frayed Blade katana. Havel’s Set is the best armor to use here due to its extremely high damage reduction against all of these elements. 

The poise granted by heavy armor allows one to tank attacks while also delivering blows in return. Because one is already rocking tons of poise with this strategy, it would make sense to bring a great weapon to this fight for much more poise, some hyper armor, and, most crucially, high single-hit damage that could stagger Halflight and open them up for a further hit or two.