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Listen to the master share tip on how to easily find “Attack damage”

Kayle was previously the most contested unit attack damage before she was removed in 10.12

Kayle was previously the most contested unit attack damage before she was removed in 10.12

Have you ever wondered why Masters Arena of Truth always found the attack damage when it was so difficult to find it?

What is ? 

Attack damage is a champion in the Arena of Truth when it is responsible for causing damage to the team. Therefore, these champions are always on the scramble list every time a game of the Arena of Truth takes place. That is why players often think that the reason why they lose is that the flag is stolen too much. The squad is not strong enough.

However, with challenger players, by building a different lineup, people feel they always find the necessary attack damage, so how do they? Recently, a North American server challenge player named ingame Keima made a video explaining this and make another gamer have to admire him.

In short, the way you always find the attack damage to that game is to expand the ability and the most suitable squad possible. After updating the new version, you only lose 1 money when selling the 2nd champion with 2 or more coins. So you will have many opportunities to rotate the squad. Do not tie yourself to a certain article on the internet.

Tips to find Attack damage from pro players

First, Keima pointed out that the mistake of the majority of gamers is to determine the squad too early, with only 1-2 items and chess pieces. This results in you missing out on many opportunities to build stronger squads that shop for you. So the first advice that Keima sends to gamers is to take a close look at what the store offers you, never miss a chance.

The second tip that the challenger advises for players is to buy the 4 money units as much as possible. Especially, champions have an attack damage skill. He has a vanguard of 4 champions, an item that is too beautiful for Jhin to hold, but he could not find this unit and the most prominent champion is Jinx.

If you are a regular gamer, they will use all your money to roll Jhin and Teemo, a real gamble. In the meantime, the challenger mentioned that he chose to buy Jinx and Ezreal. The units given by the store to be the attack damage regardless of this lineup are different from the instructions. The effect came extremely quickly, Keima although playing the squad is not “suit with the meta” very well. But it still reached the top 3 in a fairly simple way.

Another way shared by Keima also based on the idea above is that when you decide to roll the champion. Buys all the pieces that can become attack damage.