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How to find Dimitrescu’s Chambers in RE Village

Dimitrescu’s Chambers

Dimitrescu’s Chambers – Resident Evil Village’s “Find Dimitrescu’s Room” and “Escape from the Castle” objectives take you through the Kitchen, Dining Room, Wine Room, Courtyard, Great Hall, Distillery, Terrace, Dimitrescu’s Room, Dungeon, and Sad Hall. Will find RE8’s LEMI – recoil compensator, Sanguis Virginis main item, Yard Key, Castle Map (Main), Warding’s Goat, Dimitrescu’s Key, and Mask of Sorrow main item.

Kitchen – Dimitrescu’s Chambers

Dimitrescu’s Chambers

After you battle one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, follow the corridor south into the Kitchen. Take the very fancy bottle of Sanguis Virginis out of the tub as you pass. Turn left and read the file A Cook’s Diary on the shelf. Keep going around and pounding the barrel for shotgun ammo, then check the heater for rust.

In the next hallway, there’s an easy-to-access padlock on your right (we’ll get to that in a moment). Cut straight through and open the briefcase (?) in front of you to find the LEMI recoil compensator for your pistol. Equip it in your inventory by choosing an upgrade and then choosing your pistol.

Follow the corridor south where you’ll find a lock on the creditenza (?) on the right. Bring it back to unlock the padlock at the north end of the hallway to get the wooden Angel Statue. Go through the door at the south end of the hall to the Dining Room.

Dining Room

As soon as you enter the Dining Room, look up. There is a piece of crystal on the ceiling. Head south across the dining room to get some gunpowder in the drawer. The door on the left is locked, so go out through the door on the right to return to the Main Hall. Below are the next steps to find Dimitrescu’s Chambers.

Wine Room

In the Main Lobby, take the stairs to the Wine Room. Place the bottle of Sanguis Virginis in the fancy silver container in the alcove to your right. That will open a door leading to a secret room.

Grab the gunpowder on your left and then open the chest on your right to get the Key to the Courtyard.


Return to the Main Lobby, and then head East towards the Dining Room. You will meet another daughter of Lady Dimitrescu. Hold her back as much as you can, and then rush past her. Use the Courtyard Key on the door and go through.

Turn left and follow the edge of the field to find a jar with shotgun ammo. Head back to the southwest corner to find a scrap metal vase in the dark. About halfway south, look for a birdcage hanging above the walkway. Shoot it down for some lei.

In the center of the gazebo’s yard, check the shrubs on the southwest side for an herb. There are a few doors that we can’t do anything about, so you just have to head to the northeast corner, where there’s another vase with rust scraps inside. Go through the doors on the southeast side.

Castle Map (Main) – Dimitrescu’s Chambers

In the stairwell, check your left drawer for the chemist’s solution, then follow Lady Dimitrescu up the stairs. At the top, turn right to find a vase with lei. Follow the lobby to find the Castle Map (Main). This will fill the rest of the map.

Go through the door to the Ablution Lobby and enter the lobby on the west side. Check the drawers on the left for handgun ammunition and smash the cupboard on the far side for gunpowder. Return to the Hall of Ablution.

Hall Of Ablution

Cross the very normal room to find your clues:

  • Rotate the two ladies to the right (west) facing each other.
  • Rotate the trio to face the man on horseback.

That will drain the pool, and open the door to the outside. Take the stairs and take the stairs down to the basement.

Distillery – Dimitrescu’s Chambers

At the bottom of the stairs, face West and shoot Warding’s goat on the ground with the candles. Head north and wade to the barricade to find some rust scraps. Turn to your left and follow the path to find a crate with lei inside.

Deal with the vampire with the sickle when he appears. Right where he is hiding, turn left. Grab the shotgun ammo on the table with the candles, and then go to the exit on the west side.

Smash crates along the way to get some shotgun ammo. Immediately before you enter the Distillery, check an alcove to your right for some rust scraps.

In the Distillery, deal with the vampire that appears, and then circle behind the barrel in front of you to get some gunpowder. Three more vampires will appear. Smash your right barrel to get shotgun ammo. Take the stairs to the southeast up and smash one more barrel to get more shotgun ammo. Step onto the platform at the southeast corner and pull the rope to go up to the Terrace.


As soon as you arrive, turn around and check behind the person waiting for a (n) herb. Follow the balcony around and turn left to find a room with a typewriter. Take the lei bag from under the table to the right. Follow the balcony around for a quick cutscene. Go to the end of the balcony and smash the jar to get the shotgun ammo. Go through the doors to (finally) find Dimitrescu’s Chambers.

Dimitrescu’s Chambers

As soon as you step inside, turn left to find the Alcina Dimitrescu Diary file on the couch. Check the sconce in the corner to find Dimitrescu’s Key. Use the key to unlock the door on the north wall, it went very well.


Dimitrescu’s Chambers

As soon as you stand up at the basement (B2), turn right. Turn right again and take the gunpowder out of the barrel. In the next tile on the north side, smash the barrel to get some lei.

Crawl through the tunnel and throw the switch to open the portal to the Dungeon. Work your east to the room that juts out. In the alcove to the left as you enter, get the chem liquid. Smash crates on the table to get more lei. Just north of that spot, throw another switch, and continue. Or not.

Use turrets to retreat and avoid Alcina. Run around her to grab your severed hand and throw the switch. Use the pillars to run around Alcina some more until the gate opens.

Step through, but Alcina will break another gate to get to you. Head back south, sprint west, and then through the new opening, she created. Run downstairs and use the Dimitrescu Key to open the locked door.

Hall Of Sorrow – Dimitrescu’s Chambers

Dimitrescu’s Chambers

Check the statue for the Mask of Sorrow. That will the statue turn into an elevator back to the Courtyard.

Escape The Castle

Back in the Courtyard, go put that mask on first. Sprint west through the Dining Room, Main Hall, and Hall 4. Place the Mask of Sorrow in the Bust of the Four Angels puzzle – that’s the puzzle on the left.

Find The Four Angel Masks: 1/4

This will trigger a new target. We will begin to address this in the next section. Now go into the Seller’s Room. Sell ​​all your valuables and shop with Duke. If you haven’t already, buy Recipe: Shotgun Ammo so you don’t have to rely on finding.