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How To Get All Gamora Outfits In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora outfits

Make sure to dress up and seduce Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s only heroine, Gamora, by unlocking all of her different outfits in the game. Some of these Gamora outfits resemble her comic book and movie adaptations. Gamora was an assassin of the Zehoberei before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, the adopted daughter of Thanos and the adopted sister of Nebula. 

Chapter 3: The Cost Of Freedom

Gamora outfits

Gamora outfits: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014)

In Chapter 3, right after fighting some of the Jelly that Rocket has to use the console to take down, keep following the red ramp to an area near a crashed spaceship. Take the optional path to the wall that opens to the right instead of the main path in the center. Squat down and enter the cave.

Destroy the sticky gray scum covering the cave entrance to access a new area filled with some Jelly-type enemies. Keep going until you come across a costume chest near the ledge, then go through the small opening to get it. Unlock the chest and that’s how you can get the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit for Gamora.

Chapter 7: Canine Confusion – Gamora outfits

The Box Under The Stairs

In the chapter 2, when you follow Nikki through the Nova Corps base, you will descend a set of stairs. When she asks you if you want to hear “good news” or “bad news” about your crew, you can go down a few more steps to a submerged landing. Behind some pipes, you will see a box containing a costume.


During your search for Ko-Rel and Nikki in Chapter 7, you’ll come to the same point as Nikki did in Chapter 2, where you’ll have to ask Groot to build a bridge for you and then go down three flights of stairs. If you go all the way to the basement, you will notice that the water has electricity running through it.

To turn off the power, shoot a stun gun at the switch behind the water. Now ask Gamora to cut through the pipes of the flooded area to reveal the outfit chest hidden behind them to get the Nova Corp Outfit for Gamora.

Chapter 10: Test Of Faith – Gamora outfits


The mantis will take you to a cave. After crossing the crystal bridge, you will climb a river. Next to the river is a waterfall, go to a cave behind it. If you look closely, you’ll see the pink glow of a costume chest illuminating the cave. Enter it to get this outfit.

Chapter 12: Knowere To Run

Gamora outfits


After battles where you have to jump over rooftops, you’ll need to order Drax to break a crack in the platform. This shows a path you can slide down. When you reach the bottom, turn around to find a small hole that you can squeeze through. This suit is worn on the other side.

Chapter 13: Against All Odds – Gamora outfits


If you pre-order the game, you’ll get this skin, and you’ll find the ingredients here instead.

After defeating the first two enemies, you’ll see a wall of ice that Gamora can cut through and a wall that she can retreat to the right. Climb the wall with Gamora’s help. At the top of the cliff, you will see this outfit on a pillar across the opening.

Chapter 14: Into The Fire – Gamora outfits

Gamora outfits

Gamora outfits: CHOSEN DAUGHTER

In the mine, there will be two parts where you need to create a platform using the gun’s ice ability. The second time you need to do this, you will see the fog to the left of the platform you just created. The areas you need to capture will appear and disappear, so use your visor to see where you need to capture.

You’ll need to create three ice platforms to find a space in the wall that you can push through. Inside you will find many of these components and outfits.