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How To Get all Rocket Outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket outfits

In the previous Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy costume guide, we have shown you where to get Groot outfits. Now, we’ll show you the location and directions of all Rocket outfits.

Chapter 1 – Rocket outfits

Rocket outfits


After sliding down the first metal ramp, you’ll come to a fork in the road. Rocket will mention that the road to the right is a dead-end, that’s true.

Instead, walk to the right onto a metal platform just before the fork in the road. You can drop down inside a hallway on this metal overhang. Inside, you’ll find some Rocket’s Guardians of the Galaxy components and costumes.

Chapter 4: The Monster Queen

Rocket outfits


If you choose to sell Groot to Lady Hellbender, you’ll have to navigate through several corridors of drunken sentinels after taking the elevator down from the throne room. After taking the elevator down, your teammates will go left to investigate further. Go right and jump over the bar. Then navigate around the round table to the back of the hallway where the boxes are. Crouch under a hole in the middle of a pile of boxes to find this outfit.

Chapter 7: Canine Confusion

Rocket Outfits: NOVA CORPS

In this chapter, you will raise a platform in a circular room with red lights. You will have to fight two series of enemies as you go up. After the second wave, you will have to route the power for the elevator to move. Rocket will open two rooms to help you route the power. Enter the room on the left to find this Rocket outfit.

In this room, you’ll find a pallet along the far wall. Star-Lord will ask Groot to help him lift the platform. Raise the platform to the path above you. From there, go through the vent to a larger room. In this new area, you can route your gun power to a door in the back of the room. Inside is the costume of Rocket’s Nova Corp.

Chapter 10 – Rocket Outfits


After defeating three large enemies in the cave, you will be in an area with a large face and a crack along the wall towards your right. Command Rocket to go into a small hole on the left side of the face to blow a hole through it.

Behind the face is a cave with poisonous gas. Use your elemental gun to shoot ice at the gas and make the room safe. Then jump over the gap and command Groot to raise a platform inside the cave onto a ledge above you.

Exit the cave and keep climbing until you find a ledge, which you can pierce through this costume chest.

Chapter 12 – Rocket Outfits

Rocket outfits


After the first battle in the marketplace, your teammates will lead you to an area that you must traverse. Before doing that, look to your right and focus on the glowing green piece of machinery on the wall. Pull it out with the wind power of your elemental gun. Outside the machine is a small hallway with this outfit.


Rocket outfits

When you enter the forest, where much dangerous flora emit toxic fumes in Chapter 13, you go straight and don’t forget to activate your visor. When your visor is active, you will receive an indicator that an element is nearby. Follow where the indicator leads and you’ll see a skin crate right next to the advanced ingredients along with a few poison plants.


You can immediately unlock the Rocket – Golden Guardians skin after entering Hala’s Hope to stop the Grand Unifier Raker and Nikki in Chapter 14.