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How To Get All Star-Lord Outfits Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord Outfits

In the previous Guardians of the Galaxy outfits guide, we have shown you where to get all Rocket outfits. In this article, We’ll show you the location of all Star-Lord outfits in each chapter.

Chapter 2: Busted – Star-Lord Outfits

Star-Lord Outfits

Star-Lord Outfits: NOVA-LORD

After helping Nikki push a box in the tunnel to stop some of the flames, you’ll have the option to “encourage her” or “control”. Once selected, duck down a pipe behind Nikki to find this Star-Lord outfit.

Chapter 6: Between A Rock And A Hard Place


After parting with Drax and Gamora, you can adventure around Knowhere on your own. Continue towards the quest objective until you reach the large, pink Magic Tree. Under the tree, three children were playing with finger guns. Jump over the railing behind them into some red pipes. Walk downstairs to find this outfit.

Chapter 8: The Matriarch – Star-Lord Outfits

Star-Lord Outfits


When Drax jumps into the red warp drive fluid, you should follow him into the tunnel leading down. When you’re done crawling through the tunnel, turn right and let Drax carry the big pillar. Place the pillar at the mouth of the tunnel that has just exited. Jump on the pillar and go into the room above, where there is a box containing this costume.

Chapter 12: Knowhere To Run


After battling enemies in the circular brain dust area, you’ll pull a handle from the wall to reveal a movable Drax pillar. Once you’ve climbed the pole, you’ll have the Gamora vault up to a wall so you can climb even higher.

From there, choose the right path when Gamora launch you left or right to land on a platform with this outfit.

Chapter 13: Against All Odds – Star-Lord Outfits

Star-Lord Outfits


If you’ve linked your game to your Square Enix account, you’ll have this skin unlocked. In the place will be some components.

After receiving the shooting ability for Star-Lord’s guns, you’ll use your new skill to thaw the cave. At one point, you’ll melt ice from the ceiling to drop a piece of the cave on top of a giant skeleton. This allows you to jump over a gap.

On the other side, look up to your left to find more ice on the ceiling to melt and drop a platform. Ask Groot to raise this platform up to a small opening in the cave to get this outfit.

Chapter 14: Into The Fire

Star-Lord Outfits: TEAM-LORD

If you pre-order the game, you’ll get this skin, and you won’t find anything here instead.

After defeating a few waves of enemies, you will enter a corridor with a large fan in it. Using the elemental power of your gun, pull up the glass panels to stop the wind from knocking you down the pit. At the end of the section, you can climb platforms above you to your left.

When you reach the highest platform on that side of the room, look towards the opposite side of the tunnel. You’ll see a costume chest along the way. Jump over when the wind is not blowing to grab it.