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New World Guide – How To Get Plague Doctor Mask

Plague Doctor Mask

Amazon’s New World is your typical MMORPG, and when it comes to MMORPGs, you can never go wrong trying to make your character look good and perhaps one of the best cosmetic items you can get. can get, especially if you’re a medieval fan of the Plague Doctor Mask.

The Plague Doctor Mask

Plague Doctor Mask

Plague Doctor’s Mask of the Occultist is one of the many head armor pieces that players can get in the game. This particular piece is modeled after the iconic mask with a bird-like beak that protected plague doctors from diseases like the Black Death in medieval Europe.

For a bit of a side note, the purpose of the mask is to avoid odors, known as miasma, which are believed to be the main cause of illness. It was a famous French doctor, Charles de L’Orme, who perfected the mask and gave it the iconic look we know today. A mask with a purpose!

This skin is Level V and you need to be level 60 to equip it.

Where to Get the Plague Doctor Mask

Plague Doctor Mask

In order for us to possess this amazing Plague Doctor Mask, we need to be part of the Syndicate Force and reach the rank of Level V Alchemist, which you can obtain by going out. out and do as many Quests as you can to gain some Fame and complete the Alchemist’s Trials.

Once you’ve become an Alchemist, you just need to talk to a Syndicate representative and check out their products. You will need 30,000 Partnership Tokens and 800 Coins to buy it. Please note that the device is “Bound upon receipt”, so don’t think you can sell it or trade it in to a friend.

The Mask boosts your Intelligence, Constitution and has an empty Gem Socket.

Where to Get Entire Plague Doctor Set 

For those of you feeling the lack of the iconic helmet and you want to wear the official Plague Doctor outfit, you’re in luck as the whole set is available in Syndicate Armory.

Plague Doctor Mask

Each part of the set comes with an empty Gem Socket, which increases your Constitution, Anti-Corruption, and slightly reduces your cooldown.

Here are the prices for the rest of the set:

  • Robes: 45,000 tokens, 1,200 coins
  • Gloves: 22,500 tokens, 600 coins
  • Pants: 37,500 tokens, 1,000 coins
  • Boots: 15,000 tokens, 500 coins

Easy Way to Get the Mask

Are you scared about winning the Faction Fame you need for the Syndicate’s Plague Doctor Mask? Well, you’re in luck as the New World in-game store is adding some new Halloween-themed seasonal items from weapon skins to housing items.

One of the items they are adding is the new Mask which will cost 7,000 Mark of Fortune (premium currency).

Completing the rest of the series may take some extra quests but that’s entirely up to you if you think it’s worth mulling over. You can check out our guide on how to level up to get to Level 60 equipping any Plague Doctor equipment of your choice or all of them.