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Granblue Fantasy Versus: How to Master Narmaya


One of the first two DLC characters released for the game, Narmaya has one of the most unique gameplay on the entire list. Her game revolves around her two different stances. One is her Uncoated pose and the other is Wrapping. Both have completely different movement sets and tools at her disposal. This makes her one of the toughest characters to play effectively while also one of the most fun and fun to use. This guide will provide players with essential tips and tricks for playing and mastering her.

Understanding Narmaya’s Stances Effectively


A good player has an above-average sense of how to use her strengths correctly. However, the task can be more difficult than at first glance. With almost completely different moves and game plans for each pose, mastering just one hit will be a challenge.

The two states of Narmaya are the Shielded form and the Unsheathed form. Each person has a series of moves that are relatively complex and special. So players need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each position.

The unsheathed stance is the posture of the game that demonstrates an aggressive dashing style of play. Providing Narmay with brand new basic attacks, each of which creates super aggressive gameplay. Equip her with faster attacks, some pretty good ranged nicks, and a host of powerful special moves to help her dominate her foes.

Special moves related to this attack show high damage and high combinability. Her first of all special moves are a series of powerful slashes known as Kyouka Suigetsu, whose main purpose is to be a useful combo. Narmaya also has the power to use a powerful combination tool in her Sengetsu, an attack from above that can hit the opposite side of the opponent. The heavy version of the attack has multiple plus frames and can be adjusted for an ambiguous mixed attack.

Understanding the Strengths of Narmaya


She is a character with a lot of strengths. She is very flexible and capable of adapting to any style of play when needed. However, the character is not without her fault. To truly excel with the character, it is important for the player to understand her strengths along with her weaknesses and be able to adapt to both.

Her strength, as mentioned, stems from her flexibility. For a moment during the match, she could be a monster to stay away, able to plunge from the almost full screen at an aggressive player. When they become frustrated, the same Narmaya player can quickly change positions and attack.

Bully their opponent and force them not to bear her pressure. Besides her high combined damage, she is a character for highly skilled players and rewards them for their technical abilities. She also has a powerful ranged attack arsenal that corresponds to a wide range of close-range suppression moves that make her an all-around character.

However, Narmaya is not without her fault, she has many flaws with her seemingly staggering toolkit. Although she is very flexible in switching positions, she can be stopped by the managers in the lineup. Unsheathed’s stance will be overwhelmed by good full-screen pressure by Meterea or Ferry, so being able to keep them mid-screen is crucial for those matches.